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Giro Talk: Riders Appalled At Dangerous Finish

McEwen: “This stage was a bit dangerous because there were many corners, high speed, and wet roads. In the last corner I took it ahead and I heard a strong sound behind me. I didn’t check, but I guessed somebody crashed. Then on the finish line I saw that there was nobody behind me and I could win easily”.

Petacchi arrived really upset at the finish and started to yell in front of Carmine Castellano, race director: “It’s not possible to have a so dangerous corner at just 150
metres from the finish line! Also the World Champion crashed in it! I didn’t crash just because I’ve been brave and I braked in the corner. Also some other riders did like me and they didn’t crash. McEwen won only because he risked a lot. He took the last corner with a very high speed and he has been lucky to don’t crash. If it isn’t wet today, it was in the same way anyway. The organization wants to do a show, but if show means see some cyclists crash…that’s stupid”.

D’Amore, the only one smiling at the finish: “It was many days that I was looking for a good result like today. Finally it’s arrived. I just hope now to repeat my performance”.

Cipollini, from the hospital: “If tomorrow I will leave Giro, it will be really hard to me. Of course I hope to stay in the race, but at the moment I’m not feeling really good.
I will decide tomorrow, and just hope to recover tonight”.

Scirea: “I agree with Petacchi, it’s not possible to have a so dangerous final of a stage. Before there was a long road of 1500 metres, if they wanted, they could did it in
there. And not after a corner at just 150 metres from the finish line”.

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