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Giro Talk Stage 16: Fakta Diary & Rider Comments

Team Fakta’s Jorg Bo Petersen gets us back into the action with his crazy Danish teammates – these guys are definitley enjoying their time in Italy. And MIchele Tomasi submits post-stage comments from Petacchi, Bennati, Simoni, Garzelli, Popvych and Fulran…

Fakta Diary – Stage 16

“After a bit disappointing time trial yesterday, my legs felt better today. I just couldn’t get speed into the bike on the first 20 kilometres yesterday but on the last part of the route back I was feeling a lot better (placed 19th). However it was a bit too late at that point.

Magnus just gets better and better and I think he might actually win the last time trial which is totally flat and ought to suit him even better than yesterday’s.

Today was a high speed stage and two guys got into a breakaway. But they were caught right before the Intergiro where we got Magnus into a perfect position and he was fourth in the sprint. He’s now leading the competition with 22 seconds, so I think he’ll keep the jersey right to the finish in Milan. Before that Werner Riebenbauer was quite unlucky to lose his balance and crash into a cleft that was two meters deep. Fortunately he landed in a puddle so he had a relatively soft landing. Together with Frank Hшj I went back to bring him back to the peloton and I have to admit, he was difficult to recognize. He looked like a soldier just coming back from a battle. Nothing happened to him but everyone had a hard time trying not to laugh –
even Werner.

In the mass sprint Werner gets in a good position but unfortunately he was closed in the last corner and was even hit by an eager fan. Lars Bak however was 9th and Magnus 13th, so it was actually ok for us.

Tomorrow is another day of rest, and I’ll probably go for a 2-3 hour ride so that hopefully I won’t have too heavy legs on the last stages. I’ve taken a closer look on stage 18. and 19. which I think will suit me well. Then comes the last time trial and if I feel as fresh as now everything is possible.”

Jшrgen Bo Petersen

Rider Comments Reported by Michele Tomasi
Petacchi: “Yesterday evening I was really sad, and in a bad condition. I said to Giancarlo that I wasn’t going to start today. But then, this morning, my team mates, and also him was making me cheer up. Especially Giancarlo gave me the power for be here today. My mates were telling me that I was pedaling well, and that I should try the sprint. So, km after km I wanted to try that sprint. Tomorrow luckily there will be a rest day, and so I will have the time for recover. Me and Giancarlo have been talking about Tour de France, but now, at the last week of this Giro, if I think about Tour, I feel nausea. Of course I respect and I’m excited at the idea of Tour, but I wanna talk after the end in Milan”.

Bennati: “I was in a great position, behind Lombardi in the last corner. But perhaps we took it, the last corner, too slowy, and so I haven’t been able to spurt again and increase my speed. And anyway, also in the last metres, I was without power. This is my first Grand Tour of my life”.

Furlan: “I spent a lof of energies for keep the wheels of Petacchi and Bennati, and then, where I should spurt again, my legs were out! Anyway, I hope to have more luck in the next days, win any stage or almost do a good placement”.

Simoni: “Yesterday I did something very incredible, and it’s true that the Pink Jersey gives you something more. Anyway it’s not finished the Giro, and I must keep my eyes open, especially on Garzelli, and also on Popovych, because he surprised me lately. About Tour de France, I’m glad to hear that French people are waiting for me, for a fight with Armstrong. Of course if there was a climbing time trial, instead of a flat
prologue at the start, it could become everything more interesting for everybody”.

Garzelli: “Yesterday everybody and also I, were waiting for a better result from myself. But Simoni showed to be in a great condition. Anyway 2 minutes it’s a big time, but it can be also a little time. We will see in the next stages”.

Popovych: “I realized about my yesterday’s performance, only last evening, when I could read all the times. And I’ve been really glad. It’s impossible to beat Simoni now. In one of the last hilly stages, I was behind his wheel, and when he spurted, I could only watch him. Anyway I don’t think that Giro is finished. There’s still this last week, and it will be the most difficult, because everybody is tired”.

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