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Giro Talk Stage 9: Cipo, The Record, & Le Tour

What a day at the Giro – Cipo gets bagged by LeBlanc, then bags a record! Here’s the buzz from the espresso bars in Tuscany…

Cipollini: “In the last stages we arrived into my country, and the fans gave me the power that I didn’t get in the other stages, and so I could win. This victory is for my
dad and my grandma. My dad used to bring me in this area, and it’s really special to me.

About LeBlanc and Tour de France, it’s better if I don’t talk, or I won’t be diplomatic. I’m wearing the World Champion jesery, it’s a very important jersey. And at Tour there should be all the stronger riders, so why shouldn’t I take part at it? When I heard this news this morning, I thought it was a joke. LeBlanc left me at home in the last 3 years. I really don’t understand how he chooses the wild cards. By my opinion, if he will invite me, I’d like to say no. But if my team will tell me that I must run, I will run. But as I just said, if I could choose, I’ll say no”.

Nauduz: “It’s many days that Petacchi thinks to be a champion and he uses everyday to push everybody. But on the bike we are all the same. So, after he shooted me, I just answered at him. About the crash, perhaps it has been cause of the hot temperature, and so the road look like ice”.

Tonkov: “Many people talk about security on races, especially about helmets, but in the last kms of a stage like this one. Everybody wanna stay ahead, but then there are some riders who crash. I prefer to lose 10″ like yesterday than not start the day later”.

Garzelli: “It’s a really bad news that Cipollini won’t take part at next Tour, and I can just give my best compliments for the record that he made today. He showed to be the number 1 today”.

Simoni: “I’m surprised, but…I cannot say more.”
***Simoni and Cipollini arent so “dear” friends***

Furlan: “If Cipollini won’t take part at Tour de France, it isn’t bad just for Tour but also for all the cycling moviment”.

Alfredo Martini: “It’s bad for Tour de France if Cipollini won’t run it”.

Franco Ballerini: “I’ve been really afraid for this news, but I wanna hear the reasons before to say more”.

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