What's Cool In Road Cycling

Herr Homeboy: Dirk’s New Team

Dirk Finders, our German U23 insider checks in this month from his new Belgian team, some darn chilly races, and a new level of competition where he’s not kicking everyone’s butt… yet.

HomeBoy Hamburg: A Month of Rest

Greg Reain – our Hamburg-based ‘crosser Homie is under strict orders to take a month of rest. A perfect time to reflect on his racing so far, and the wonders of life in Europe…

Bella Vibe: Joining The Bigs

Bella Velo girl Christine Vardaros has had a busy winter – joining Team USA for the ‘Cross Worlds in Holland, and then moving to Belgium to join her new LOTTO-BELISOL Team for ’06. Luckily she hasn’t forgotten us little folks, as she checks from life in the Big League...

Meet Dirk Finders

Dirk Finders is a 20 year old U23 rider from Aachen, Germany and will be joining the illustrious team of PEZ Homeboys. Dirk has already been on the bike for over half of his life, and looks set to go a lot further - and will take us along for the ride.

Homeboy HAMBURG: A Crosser’s Christmas

It’s funny when it happens to other people… Greg Reain checks in with his new year’s tales of last minute global travel, Heathrow adventures, his 4 days of Christmas enjoying the German yuletide tradition of pubs and discos, FIATs versus the autobahn, and exploring a later career as a travel agent.

HomeGRRRL: Out Of The Storm

The last time we last heard from Rook Campbell, she was still adjusting: both to the pace of the euro-women’s pro speeds, to life in Europe, and to her Italian team. Things got worse - but she’s bounced back with a new team, new digs in Florence, and some cool postcards of this festive season in Italy.

HOMEBOY Belgium: Winter Update

So the off-season has finished and I am back to training again. The weather here in Texas has been quite good and it has been good for getting back into the swing of training again. This winter I am taking it a bit easier for the start of training as I had a bit of a self-imposed rest when I had a 3 inch plate removed from my left collarbone in the middle of November.

HomeBoy Hamburg: Bringing It Home

It’s now the eve of my departure for the Verge New England cyclocross series races in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and I’m trying to simultaneously do my laundry, eat some food and ram two frames and ten wheels into my 1990 Honda Accord for the seven hour drive south.

Introducing: HomeBoy Hamburg!

With the falling leaves comes time turn over a new one – in this case the welcoming of a the newest of our HomeBoy diary from Canadian ‘cross & road racer Greg Reain. Reporting in from the Deutschland of pilsner and bratwurst, please put your hands together …!