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Homeboy: їDonde Esta El Homeboy?

Oh my, I have been in something of a hiatus for the past two weeks. Anyone who is going through Homeboy diary withdrawals can relax as I am back till the end of the season. So where have I been? Mallorca, Spain on a little siesta from cycling.

The hiatus was in Spain the whole two weeks, only 7 of the days, but for the other days leading up to it I had my parents come to the Cycling Center and visit me for about a week. I’ve been a busy guy the past two weeks; so let’s recap it all.

Not to much racing to talk about. The team had it’s local Oostkamp Kermis about two weeks ago. For the team it’s one of the biggest Kermis’s we will do all year because many of our local sponsors also sponsor the race and would were in attendance. The team was able to pull off some really decent results and place some riders into the top positions. The team’s dominance during the race was well noticed and pleased all of our local sponsors. They liked our results so much that they bought the team a round after the race (only cokes for the riders, I swear)!

Kermis Race in Oostkamp, Belgium. I am third in the group.

My parents arrived that same day and got to watch the spectacle of the Kermis for themselves. I was happy to see my parents after four months being in Belgium and to catch up on all the things going on back home. I don’t get to see my parents as much as I would like to these days, so it was a well timed trip.

I still think the highlight of the trip to Belgium for my parents was being invited to a birthday party celebration party of my girlfriend Julie’s father, Patrick. The party started off at 1 in the afternoon with a leisurely canal trip by boat from Oostende to Brugge. Along the way there were drinks, then more drinks. Eventually after a multi-stop (read cafй-hopping) trip by Bus back to Oostende we arrive at 6:30pm.

It was quite a party that night.

Then at 7:30 there was dinner at a local restaurant. The dinner lasted to the wee hours of the mourning, hour of finish is unknown, as I left right at mid-night. I will have to say it was a great time and learned some very naughty Belgian drinking songs. There is nothing more funny to a tipsy Belgian than an American singing Belgian drinking songs. If there is one thing Belgians can do really well it’s party, cause this one lasted for about 12 hours!

A few days later I got to go on my vacation, an escape from the bike, Belgium and well everything in general. Destination: Mallorca, Spain. All I can say is that this place is great! Lots of sun, beautiful beaches, and great weather. I spent 7 days just relaxing on the beach with my girl and reading a good book. I was able to finish the sixth and final book, Chapterhouse:Dune, of the Dune series by Frank Herbert which I started reading last year. Other great benefits of the trip is the fact I no longer have a farmers tan! I can actually take off my shirt and not blind people with the reflection.

What a nice view!!

So after all the wonderful days in sunny Spain with my girl I am ready to get back to the bike and make the most of the next six weeks. Yes that is right, six weeks of European racing left for me in the season. It’s crazy how fast it all goes by. I have two Kermis races this week and so many more races in the next 5 weeks after that it’s going to be crazy times over here at the Cycling Center. Some days there will be around 4 different races for guys!

Till next week,

-Gregg Germer-

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