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Homeboy: Escape From The ’60’s

Escape from the 60’s

I know I am late once again with my diary, but I was a little busy escaping the from the 60’s at the new Cycling Center. Located in Hertsberge, Belgium; just to the south of Brugge, the new Cycling Center is an old hotel/ bed and breakfast which hasn’t seen a remodeling job since the time Fog Hat was at it’s peak. So most of yesterday was spent removing multi-colored panels of shag carpet from the walls of the rooms. Having been bankrupt for the last 2 years there was a lot of work to do and stuff to sort through.

So the new place is now officially the Cycling Center and will be ready in about a week for us to move into. Between all the repairs, moving to the new place and the arrival of some more teammates we have still been up to the usual racing antics. This weekend’s action was the challenging UCI 1.6 Gent-Ieper.

For the amateur racers in Belgium this is one of the biggest and hardest races for early season. The race B-lines straight from Gent to Ieper then does two 25 kilometer loops through some long flat crosswind sections and over 4 “bergs” or Belgian mountains – the most famous of which we completed was the Kemmelberg. Notorious for the hard cobbles, it gets even more fun when it kicks it up to over 20% grade at the very end.

The first half of the race to Ieper was extremely fast with an average first hour speed of 48 kilometers an hour aided by a strong tail-wind. I did a good job of keeping a decent position at the front and avoiding all the chaos of the bungee effect being at the back of a 196 person field. The advantage of being able to go through a roundabout or turns in the front can save so much energy and made me fresh for the climbs.

Fresh is a relative word, as I really haven’t been doing much hill training at all this past winter. I was happy to see the pack stay relatively calm going up the first 3 climbs, but come the last, the Kemmelberg, I was beginning to hurt. I made it up the climb in contact with the main field, but started to die. I reached the point of no return where your legs are so overloaded with lactate acid that you can’t really recover. I tried to hold onto the field but it was pointless, my legs gave in and I faded back to the second field. From there I faded even further back and rode in to the finish way behind the real race.

It always sucks being dropped after the climb. My fitness isn’t where I would like it, but that was something I knew going into the season. Give me a little time and it will get better.

So once again I will return to the new Cycling Center and will attempt to escape from the 60’s! If you don’t hear from me by next week I have become lost in some shag carpet never to return.

Till next week…

-Gregg Germer-

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