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Homeboy: News and Reality TV

This last week has been a good one, filed with new and crazy events to cut up the monotony of daily life. This past week we had a TV crew from Focus, the local West-Flanders TV station, came and did a 5 minute exposй on the team for the local news. It was really cool to have the publicity and has stirred up some definite local Belgian interest in the team.

There were some funny bits here and there during the expose highlighted by teammate Nat Campbell’s bad luck and misfortune. After about 50 kilometers of the Grand prix du president Claude Criquielion on Sunday Nat had some bad gastrointestinal problems and had to pull out of the race. He pulled into the feed zone and just happened to have a camera pointed right in his face. When Ann asked him what was wrong he replied, “I couldn’t go on, I have to go to the bathroom!” The team probably woke up some neighbors with how loud we were laughing.

Along the lines of TV, my roommate Jed Schneider now has me hooked on a TV show called ‘de Planckaerts’. Think of it as The Osborne’s for Belgium with fewer bleeps. It’s a reality TV show where the follow broke extrovert and former Tour of Flanders winner Eddy Planckaert and his family. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I will say that even with the limited Flemish I know I could still tell the show was really funny. Last weeks episode consisted of Eddy going around Paris looking like a bum and writing into a journal/book he is completing, a birthday party complete with appearance of Miss Belgium, and a one lap winner take all race around the local velodrome against his son. He won the race!

So the team is coming together very well right now, the new batch of guys are really strong on the bike and fit in well with the rest of us. Things are progressing in the natural course of success and it lies within everyone’s grasp here, we just need to reach out and take it. I plan on holding on with both hands!

The weather here is getting hot and I will declare it officially summer in Belgium. The need not to have to go and pile on several layers of clothing before venturing out to on a simple 1 to 2 hour ride is something I like. It’s a pain when the prep time for a ride almost outdoes the ride time. Nonetheless I am loving the sun and the nice tan that comes with it. I’m trying to turn a shade other than pasty white.

Till next week,

-Gregg Germer-

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