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Homeboy: School’s Out

You know that feeling when school is starting to wrap up, your counting down the days, and everyone is talking about what they are going to be doing this summer. Well that is the feeling I am getting right now at the Cycling Center. Minus the summer plans replaced with the “so what’s your job and where you staying?” questions it’s all about the same. I always get this nostalgic feeling around this time, quickly realizing the fragility of moments left and time slipping quickly by.

The last week has been a bunch of Kermessin’. The main news to report was getting to do the most American race I have every had in Belgium. It was about the closest thing you could get to an American style crit with wide roads and only a few easy corners. This however, combined with the 156 person field and two long straightish roads made for a nice average speed of 45 kph (28 mph). The race ended up in a field sprint for 3rd, but I was stuck in the middle of the pack trying not to die.

The other race this Sunday went both well and bad for me. On the first lap of the race I dropped a chain in a corner and banged my knee on my stem while trying to push down hard to accelerate. This caused a lot of strain and pain when I tried to push hard to maintain power and spent many of the first couple of laps dangling on the back of the pack. Eventually it started to feel better and I was even able to pull off winning a prime half way through the race. It may not seem a like a lot, but I will say it was hard fought and was the first I have won in a sprint this year. A small but feel good victory.

Feel good victories are something I need to go after more. I really can’t just expect to start to win every Kermese given my current form, but going for intermediate sprints is an area that I can excel in and prosper. Not to mention that often winning just three laps of a 15 lap race can yield you more money the all but the race winner! Somehow it works out like that. You can have a prize of 63 euro for the winner, but a 15 lap race with 25 euro every lap between 2-14. So from and monetary standpoint it’s also very good!

That’s all for this week,

-Gregg Germer-

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