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Homeboy: Uneventful Events

Things are going well at the moment with strong riding and some decent races in the past week. Top things off with the fact that my laptop is working like a champ again and all is good. I have to thank Travis Wilky for his help in the whole situation laptop situation, really saved me some cash.

Right now we have the Tour de France rolling its way across the French countryside and it’s a special time. Here in Belgium there are a couple hours a day you can sit back and relax to the uninterrupted coverage of the Tour. It’s great for recovery when you come back from a ride, nap an hour, and then wake up for the final kilometers of a stage. By the end of July you are almost tired of cycling on TV, then again, it’s only almost.

I am sad to see two of the American hopefuls taken out in an instant. The hours of suffering, preparation and dedication lost in the instantaneous clash of two crossed wheels. Tyler continuing along is quickly earning himself a legendary status as a “tougher than nails” kind of guy. If the Tour were a movie, Tyler would have to be played by a legendary tough guy like John Wayne.

Racing has been monotonous and fairly unchanging. There has been some good development in my fitness, but there isn’t much to show for it as of yet. I finally can say I am past the fitness levels I saw myself reach last year and that I can see some great gains to be made. In fact, in the past couple of weeks I have actually had people come up to me and ask for help in pulling back breaks that have gone off. In the past people didn’t even bother to ask because they didn’t think any of the team could help, but their requests are confirmation of a new higher status in the field.

The only other event of note was the malicious actions of one rider. With a break up the road I went to the front to help out with the chase. As we rotated there was a rider who would physically try to slow us down, hand slings and elbows in abundance. It’s one thing to go up front and screw up a rotation, but it’s another to physically try to stop it. So I quickly decided to play defense and started to block the rider from getting up front and proceeded to major piss him off.

Later on after we brought back the break I would attack or bridge a gap only to look back and then see my favorite rider in the pack chasing me down. Guess he didn’t like my keeping him from getting in the way.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned for more from the roads of Belgium.

Till next week,

-Gregg Germer-

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