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Homeboy: Rambling To The Deaf

Sometimes I feel like these diaries are the ramblings to a deaf audience. Oh well, this is my soapbox, my place to vent frustrations and reminisce the events the week. So with that said I start my week’s diary with some observations of the week race.

This weekend’s race was decently hard though only 150 kilometers of the Flemish Burgs of the Tour of Flanders. We started under the ominous presence of black clouds, strong wind and 55 degree temperatures. No sooner did we start than the gods above decided to pull the plug on the great drain in the sky and the pack become soaked. Did this affect the pack at all, nope! In fact, I would have to say the race seemed almost safer, people actually rode a little smarter and better as there were fewer crashes than almost every dry race I have done.

Now that doesn’t mean there were any stupid moves pulled that day. Every time there was some idiotic tendency I would here the Belgian idiotism of “Jounge, Jounge Jounge” meaning “Boy, Boy, Boy”. It’s usually said by older members of the peloton to the younger guys for doing stupid things. Sunday it just became the choice vocabulary of anyone and everyone yelling in the pack.

Later on in the race we came face to face with the devious “De Muur”. Given it wasn’t the famed cobbled side, but instead the smoother paved side. For those who are not versed in Flemish, “De Muur”, just happens to mean The Wall, and with good reason. That climb is hard, but add some wet and an oily road, it’s even harder. I was glad for my good position going into the climb and making it over it in the front of the peloton.

If the Muur wasn’t enough we proceeded straight to the cobbled Boseburg, the last climb in the Tour of Flanders. The problem most people don’t see with the Boseburg is the slight false flat leading up to the climb which preloads your legs with lactate acid and makes your suffering level already elevated by the time you hit the climb.

Once I hit the climb I started to try to power it in the saddle, just about the only way you are able to make it up any cobbled climb. Unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to sit down, those muscles were cramping from the Muur. I had to stand up, but it was a desperate move, as you have a lot of power loss from the cobbles bouncing your bike. I went from a 30th position to the back of the field.

After this point I was demoted to survival mode. I lasted all the way to the local laps, but with something like 12 turns and way to much stopping and going I was done for. The “yo-yo” effect took its toll and I ended up getting popped.

Overall a good result, given the performances of the past week. In time the fitness will increase and my form will come. So there is my little weekly digression. If anyone out there has some particular subject they with to hear about or a current subject I just talk about too much that I need to stop just e-mail me at [email protected].

-Gregg Germer-

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