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Colby Pearce Talks Zьrich And Dirt

PEZ didn’t make it to the Zurich Six [but we’ll be at Rotterdam !] so we decided to talk to someone who was. Sixes, road, cyclo-cross, road, MTB – it’s all the same to Colorado’s Colby Pearce, we last spoke to him back in February; here’s what he had to say after the boards had stopped rumbling at Zurich…

PEZ: When we last spoke to you back in February your 2010 Goals were: stage in the Breck epic + top 10 mtb Nats + win lots in Colorado – how’d they go ?
Colby Pearce: Well, Breckenridge was up and down, I had 5 flats one day and lost about 45 minutes, but then I came back to win the final stage, which I was very happy about. It was a big win and I was satisfied to beat some really strong riders at their own game for the day. The field at Breck was really stacked this year. I did not end up racing MTB nationals for various reasons, instead I went to the Breck 100 MTB race and spent 8 hours and 45 minutes redefining suffering.

The talented track rider turned his passion for riding toward mountain biking in 2010 to great success.

PEZ: You seemed to do a lot of mountain biking, in 2010 ?
CB: It is something I have always loved but have never really had time to pursue. I love all aspects of cycling but nothing beats a long day of single track. No cars, just you and the mountain. Also learning the technical aspects of mountain biking is a completely new challenge. This year I also raced the Pisgah MTB stage race in North Carolina and one day I cracked wide open…it was about 4 hours of the most technical terrain you can imagine. It brought me to my knees.

PEZ: Zurich, first six of the winter, how tough ? is it your first time there ?
CB: I raced Zurich 2 seasons ago, but missed it last year because I broke my collarbone in Munich. Some of the guys were a bit tired coming from Ghent, which is always balls out, so I think they took it easy on us a bit. Neither Daniel or I had especially sharp track legs for Zurich but we managed to survive well enough.

PEZ: How did you prep for Zurich ?
CP: By racing cyclocross in Colorado mostly. I had one short three day camp in LA with Daniel, it went very well.

Pearce and Holloway form a great pair on the track.

PEZ: How were the crowds at Zurich ?
CB: They were moderate for the first few days but then grew steadily towards the end of the week. The last few nights were pretty rowdy!

PEZ: Which riders impressed – apart from Daniel ?
CP: The young Swiss team of Dillier and Imhof were very strong. They rose for the occasion and seem to have a bright future. Also I am pretty sure Tristan Marguet won every lap record, to beat Marvulli on his home track like that shows a lot of speed. There are a lot of good Swiss riders at the moment.

PEZ: What’s next?
CP: Next Holloway and I are head to the Burnaby Four day event in Vancouver. It’s three days of 6 day style racing followed by an omnium. The field will be quite good there, with Tyler Farrar, Svein Tuft and Zach Bell in attendance – It won’t be an easy race! I did a 6 day event there in ’08 with Friedman and it was au bloc every night, real old school racing!

PEZ: Didn’t you ride the Dutch sixes last year ? – but no contracts this year ?
CP: Last year we were negotiating some contracts for the second part of the season, but after my crash in Munich, I only came back for Copenhagen.

PEZ: The gaps between sixes must make it tough to keep in shape ?
CP: Not for me, I enjoy training and have no problem keeping in shape typically.

PEZ: Are you riding any World Cups and/or the Track Worlds ?
CP: Nope.

PEZ: How’s sponsorship going – who have you got ?
CP: I am starting a small team in Colorado next year along with Don Powell, president of Panache Cyclewear and former European professional rider (Saxon). It will be pretty low key racing for me. We will have some young riders on the team and the hope is to develop a program which will give them to get to some high level races in the US and maybe Europe.

PEZ: What about frames, wheel, equipment, clothing – have you got back up on those ?
CP: Panache will be our clothing sponsor, and they are making me some cool shorts for the rest of the six day season as well. Oakley provides my eyewear, and I am on Zipp wheels and Felt TK1 track frames. My butt only sits on Fizik saddles.

I am rocking Bont shoes this year on the track, MTB and road and I love them, it like my foot has been bolted directly to my pedal. Lazer supplies my brain protectors. Some of the other team sponsors are still being finalized.

PEZ: What’s been the hi-lite of 2010, so far ?
CP: I would say the Breckenridge stage win was a highlight for me this season. Also racing the Breck 100 MTB race and the Colorado Gran Fondo back to back was a big weekend – 200 miles and 14 hours of riding, with top 5’s in both events, it was a big challenge.

PEZ: How is the coaching going ?
CP: Quite well at the moment, it keeps me busy and always thinking, which I enjoy a lot. I have around 20 clients now, and about 1/3 of them are pros.

PEZ: And how’s Daniel ?
CP: He took a real break at the end of this season to rest up, and will have a big base of road miles going into 2011. I was happy to see him win the US Pro crit championship this year, that was a significant victory for a relatively young rider. He has signed with Jonas Carney’s team, Kelly Benefit Strategies so I would expect more improvement from him under that program. He is also refining his “waveman” routine, in Zurich they gave him an inflatable guitar to use!

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