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Danilo Di Luca – Exclusive Interview

PCN 1. What are your main objectives for the season what type of preparation have you done
DDL “It makes me angry to answer this question, because I had big ambitions for the start of the season, and I haven’t been lucky. The fall at Sanremo ruined everything. Anyway the season is very long, and I believe I’ll be ready for my first Tour de France”.

PCN 2. Which of the 3 Grand Tours is your favorite and why?
DDL – “Until now I’ve raced only the Giro and Vuelta, and they are both great races, but I cannot hide that the Tour in this moment has a big charm for me”.

PCN 3. How did you get started in bicycle racing and what motivated you to become a professional bike racer?
DDL- ”Passion and emulation, perhaps reasons which are not so traditional in the cycling, but which anyway continue to churn out good riders. If you believe, if you are motivated, and if you have the qualities to stay. This is how I got here.”

PCN 4. What do you learn as a professional racer that is valuable in other areas of your life?
DDL- ”There are no gifts, you must fight and grit one’s teeth. When you think you are “there”, it takes just a while and you fall down, in all the senses”.

PCN 5. If you were not a professional racer, what do you think you would be doing?
DDL- ”Since I was young, the bike has stolen all my fantasies. Now I’m living the life of which I always dreamed. Even if I think about life after, but it’s still premature to think of what else I might be doing”.

PCN 6. Before a race do you follow any specific routine or ritual for good luck?
DDL- ”I believe in the work, not in the lucky charm”.

PCN 7. What do you think about the team of this year?
DDL – “A very good team, very strong. We haven’t had too much luck, but sooner or later the wheel will turn…”

PCN 8. Do you have any favourite champion of the present and/or the past?
DDL – “There is only the puzzlement of the choice, but my preference goes to Bernard Hinault”.

PCN 9. What advice would you give to a young rider looking to be successful in the pro peloton?
DDL – “Believe very much in it, be true to the sport, even if often the media treats it badly”

PCN 10. Do you have a personal website that our readers could visit?
– What is the url?
DDL – www.danilodiluca.com

PCN 11. Last winter you said you will focus on the World Cup. How do you judge your performances? Are you satisfied of your results until now?
DDL – “Absolutely no. I could have an important role at Sanremo, I was for sure to be able to win, but a fall ruined everything, also my plans of participation at the classics of North, and above all at the Liege. My ambitions became more realistic, which was inevitable, but only temporary”.

PCN 12. Will you run at Giro and Tour? Which role will you have into the team? Will you point at any stage’s victory?
DDL – “I run my first Tour with a big leap, and the will to leave the sign. So, it’s evident which the stage’s victory is my target”.

PCN 13.Do you think you can aim for a good final ranking of any Grand Tour in the future?
DDL – “It’s a project which at the right time will take form. I need to grew, to mature, and to take home important results in the races more suited to me, or rather the grand classics”.

PCN – Thanks you for talking to us and good luck with the rest of your season!

Interview by Michele Tomasi

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