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Dario’s Diario: As The Season Winds Down

As the season starts to head toward its inevitable close, we catch up with our man Dario Cioni for a look back at a hectic September, which included some looong days at the Tour of Poland, some break time, and the most important: 8000kg worth of fine Italian grapes.

Now what happened in September? Let me remember. Well on the cycling side I did more racing compared to August. I raced the Tour of Pologne for the first time.

After looking at the race course I was not very happy as we had to ride 1250Km in 6 stages with two consecutive stages one just under, the other over 250Km, and all flat……..I knew they would be long days. Well, the weather was a bit different from home, when I left it was 30°C and at the race in Poland it was 15°C when the sun was out. I was impressed by how flat the land is, we did 4 days without seeing a single hill, then they arrived all together in the last 2 stages.

Are you serious? Back to back days of 250km of flatness?

The last stage was on a circuit, with one long and one short climb, to be repeated 7 times for a total of 3300m of climbing in 145Km. Not bad, I even had the brilliant idea of entering a break so things where even harder. But the race had a nice surprise waiting for the Predictor Lotto team, as Summy (Johan van Summeren) rode an incredible last lap, won the stage and the GC…not bad. So you can guess we had a good celebration before going home.

Summy gives the Predictor boys something to cheer about!

I was also impressed by Cadel’s ride at the Vuelta, where he just missed the podium, but did a great job in the mountains. He impresses me every day more. What a rider!

On a personal point of view, I did not have much work to do for the olives but I made my first “vendemmia” (picking the grapes from the vines). It was great fun and we collected something close to 8000kg of grapes, that should make a bit over 6000 liters of good Chianti wine. The weather was great luckily and I really enjoyed it. I am also close to buying another 10,000 meters of land, with Chianti certified vines!

Give you more news next month.


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