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Filip Meirhaeghe: 8 Questions

We connected this week with Team Specialized pro Filip Mierhaeghe – former mtb World Champ, who is riding several Spring races with Domina Vacanze. Filip’s full time mtb program will commence soon, but for now he’s using the cobbled roads of northen Europe to get in some quality racing miles…

1. How many races will you do with Domina Vacanze?

FM – I still have to arrange the full program with the DS. So far I will ride
until Liege – Bastogne – Liege.

2. What are your short-term and long-term goals with road racing? – Will we see
you make a full time switch to the road?

FM – I am a pro rider and my heart is still in MTB and my goal is to go to Athens at the Olympics. I am open for any offer.

3. The Cobbles – can you describe for us what it’s like to ride the

FM – Very bumpy! I will find out on Sunday as the stones in Paris – Roubaix are
definitely worse than the one at Flanders.

4. Flanders – can you take us through your race last Sunday? What were the key
points in the race for you? I understand this was your 2nd Flanders, how did it
compare to your first time at de Ronde?

FM – It was important for me to stay in front of the peloton as I had a job to do for
Mario, and this is already a difference from last year. The key point was to be
in a very good place at the beginning of the Paddestraat and the most important
point was to position myself just before the Oude Kwaremont.

I was more relaxed in the other hills because I understood more which points
were more dangerous than last year. Last year I was nervous in every hills which
was obviously not necessary.

5. Road Racing – what is your road racing background – how much have you
done versus mtb?

FM – I started as an Mtb’er but every year I have been doing road racing to get in
shape. If we count only the nr of races than I do more road races than MTB
races, but this number is unimportant as my main goal is MTB ‘ing.

6. Domina The Team – what’s it like riding with Super-Mario and the Domina
team? How are you fitting in?

FM – Since we have to work for a winner it is more stressing then riding for
another team because we are not allowed to make mistakes and if I am fitting in
this is a question you have to ask the Team and the Team members.

7. Given your own strengths from mtb, what have you, or can you contribute to a
team like Domina Vacanze?

FM – I can do my best with the experience. I have matured here in Flanders and I hope
I can just do my job like any other member of the Team.

8. When travelling away from home at a race – what “home comfort” or gadget do
you always take with you?

FM – None

There you have it – Thanks Filip and to Specialized for arranging the chat!

You can find lots more about Filip at the Specialized Bicycles website www.specialized.com.

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