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Giro Talk: HTC-Columbia’s Marcel Sieberg

HTC-Columbia do a nice line in German powerhouses, and they don’t come an awful lot bigger than Marcel Sieberg. The two-metre rouleur has a key role in the way the team will try to manage any potential sprinters’ stage for Andre Greipel, so it’s going to be abusy three weeks for Sieberg. Here’s what he had to say when we caught up with him pre-race …

PEZ: Are you looking forward to a successful race with Greipel?
Marcel Sieberg: I think so! I hope so! I think he’s in good shape and there are stages which are perfect for us.

PEZ: Where do you slot into the sprint train?
Marcel Sieberg: Normally, I’m the third-last rider, in front on Matty and Andre. I normally start at about 1000 metres out to about 500 metres left.
I have to see my condition now. I had a break after the Classics and this is my first race back so I hope I am good enough to do my job.

PEZ: What would be a successful Giro for the team?
Marcel Sieberg: Some stages wins definitely, and maybe the points jersey. If things are really good, maybe for a day the Maglia Rosa.

We’ll see once we start. We have a strong team, which is great for the sprints. Also for the climbs we have Marco (Pinotti) and Craig (Lewis). For me, it’s my first Giro so I’ll be learning.

PEZ: Do you think Lewis could surprise a few people in tis Giro?
Marcel Sieberg: I don’t know. I’ve done some races with him this year, but not a lot. I think he could be good for a breakaway on a hard stage. But for the GC, maybe he is too young yet. Marco is our man for the GC.

PEZ: Might you get a chance yourself to go in a breakaway?
Marcel Sieberg: The problem is that when you have a lot of flat stages, you have a lot of work. On the other stages, you need a rest. The important thing is that we are good in the sprint, the rest of the time we have to recover and it’s not easy to do three weeks in a row, so you need a rest …

It’s going to be a busy time for Marcel over the next 22 days, so we wish him thanks for his time and a safe trip round the Corsa Rosa.

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