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How Cunego Won The Giro.

PEZ “Dined with the Cycling Teams” at LeBus restaurant on Main Street, Manayunk Monday Night. Fortunately one of the Team Saeco riders was “talking” to my wife, so I was able to parlay this into an interesting chat with their directeur sportif Bruno Vicino, who told us how Cunego won the Giro…

Team Saeco DS Bruno Vicino
loves the Philly corsa.

I broke into “Ciao, mi chiamo David mah parlo umpo D’Italiano” (NOTE: the PEZ editorial staff apologizes to any Italians who may be offended by this butchering of their beautiful language. – ed) . Luckily for Saeco their Spanish rider Juan Fuentes spoke fluent English since he was born in Australia. He quickly introduced me to their Philly Team Director Bruno Vicino, former World Paced Track Champion. Bruno had some fascinating things to say.

Pez: What’s up with the Giro situation of winner Damiano Cunego and Gilberto “legalize my bike and my legs” Simoni?
Bruno: Damiano won because he was on Gilberto’s team. He was given freedoms that Gilberto did not have.

Pez: Was the situation similar to the way Pantani came up under Chiappucci?
Bruno: Damiano has a bright future, better promise. I hope he doesn’t follow in Pantani’s footsteps.

Pez: What do you think about the Tour?
Bruno: Lance is the one to beat. Also, Jan is better than he has seen on other years.

Pez: What do you think of the Philly Race as an open event and a National Championship?
Bruno: The Wachovia US Professional Championship should be worthy of a World Cup event. It is Organized perfectly, amazing crowds, and the course and city is bello or beautiful.

Also on hand were the new Team Subway Express with Dave Richter, Christan Foster, Omer Kem, Michael Kehrberg, Nathanial Cornelius, and Scottie Weiss were out to hang and chat. This talented group of young riders will be participating in all the Wachovia Week Races. Look for sprinter Dave Richter to do well in Trenton and Scottie Weiss in Lancaster. Possibly Jared will be the guy for the Philly Race given our love for “subs” or as we call them Hoagies. Show your support for the Subway Express team at the races.

Get more info on the Wachovia US Pro Cycling Championships, The Taste of Philadelphia and the Pro Cycling Tour at the official website:

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