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Interview: Eddie B

Eddie “B” Borysewics, former Director Sportif of US Postal, Montgomery Bell, and the ill-fated Mercury-Viatel squad has seen it all in his 40 year career. From his early beginnings as a national coach in the former Eastern Bloc Poland to the 1984 US Olympic cycling coach Eddie has trained some of the best cyclists in modern history including Greg LeMond, Alexi Grewal, Steve Hegg, and one Lance Armstrong. From his home in Ramona, California, Eddie now spends his time running a twice yearly training camp as well as working with a stable of talented athletes. Info on his camps can be found at www.eddiebcycling.com

PZ: Eddie, what are the biggest problems in today’s professional peleton?

Eddie: Several things, first there are very low handlebars and guys are riding with very straight arms. That’s technical, secondly guys are riding clinchers which is very dangerous for descents, but on flat you can control.

PZ: What are this biggest differences between today’s professional and when you were a rider?

Eddie: Very big difference, because there are very big teams and teams are much more competitive, competitions are much bigger, much harder, much faster, and there is much more pressure from sponsors and public for results. Big problem with cycling right now is that there is much more dope control with cycling than with any other sport, this is not a benefit and it makes cycling look the worst. This is not fair. In dope control if there is only a trace, like with Scott Moninger, you serve suspension like there is an amount that is used for cheating. There are products that contain things that can cause a positive test result, but are not known to the riders. What the federation needs to do is analyze the different products on the market and approve the products that are safe, maybe mark them with the Olympic rings. I know Scott Moninger, I have worked with him much and I am 99% sure that his positive test result is an honest mistake.

PZ: Do you see the doping problems in the European peloton becoming less or more prevelant?

Eddie: I think there is less because there is more controls and there are more products on the banned list, but there are problems, because doctors are finding new products that are not on the banned lists that are even worst than ones that are known about by the dope controls. We will mention no names here. I believe that doping controls are at least a couple years behind than some of the sport doctors that are being used by athletes, sport doctors who try to help their clients with performance.

PZ: Eddie, do you have plans for the near future?

Eddie: Retirement! And only for fun I work with internet clients and (Master World-Champion) Vic Copeland and other track riders.

PZ: Thanks for interview!

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