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Interview: Track Champ Sarah Ulmer

PEZ was lucky to have a chat to Sarah Ulmer of New Zealand, the day after she took gold, in the women’s individual pursuit at the Track World Cup with a time of 3.31.157. The ride was just out side Leontine Van Moorsal – Zylard’s world record time of 3.30.816.

Pez: Firstly, congratulations on your ride last night. I don’t think many people in the crowd had an idea how close you were to the world record.

SARAH: Neither did I really (laughs)

Pez: You appeared to struggle to get up off the bars at the end of the race? You gave it everything you had?

SARAH: To be honest, I don’t think you have ridden a pursuit properly if you have anything left at the end.
(At the end of the pursuit I noticed her coach carrying her saddle that came loose during the race.)

Pez: I noticed that you have an SRM on your bike, what kind of outputs are you producing?

SARAH: To be honest we haven’t even down loaded it yet. We have only been using it for 2 days now. We borrowed it from a guy in New Zealand to use to collect data before the worlds and Olympics.

I commented that Pez has just reviewed an SRM and the readers might be interested in some figures.

SARAH: I wouldn’t release those kind of figures to the public anyway, it would be embarrassing.

Pez: You seem quite a versatile rider, winning stages of road races and a very successful pursuiter. How would you describe yourself as a rider?

SARAH: Definitely a flatlander. When the road goes upwards I am usually struggling. Put me in a small breakaway and I would back myself for the win, but not usually a bunch sprint.

Pez: What kind of support does the New Zealand cycling federation give you?

SARAH: My sponsors back in New Zealand have been keeping me afloat for the last 8 years.

Pez: Did you ride here in Sydney during the Olympics?

SARAH: Yes I did, I placed fourth in the pursuit here on this track. I love riding on this track, we don’t have anything like it in New Zealand. The indoor track, with the crowd, the lighting and all the facilities is great.

Pez: Leontine Van Moorsal – Zylard, one of your main rivals, is known for her make-up and nails routine before a race, what is involved in your pre-race routine?

SARAH: I’m a bit of a cruiser before a race. I don’t do anything out of the ordinary like slapping myself around the cops or doing star jumps in the in field. It is all about concentrating on the warm up.

Pez: What would you want to hear from someone before a race, good luck really isn’t relevant in a pursuit?

SARAH: Just rip in to it.

Pez: You are very smooth on the bike, especially out of the starting gate, do you do any specific training for this?

SARAH: (With a blank look) Nah it must come naturally (laughs).

Now for the Pez bonus round!
3000m Pursuit Best: 3.31.157

First bike: First bike was a hand me down from my bro. My first racing bike was my grandfather’s Zeus that is now 65 years old!

Last Movie: A re-run of Pulp Fiction of TV and Along Came Sally at the cinema.

Favourite CD: The Herbs which is a New Zealand band, most of the members are dead actually.

Your Favourite Drink, there are no bonus points for Stienlager: I don’t like beer anyway, I would have to say Bailey’s.

Meal of Choice: Steak or pizza

When you grew up you wanted to be a….. Vet

If you weren’t a cyclist you’d be ….. Probably failing vet school

Watch out for Sarah at the up coming world championships in Melbourne.

Our Australian connection, Paul hails from Sydney. Growing up only a few hundred metres from his local track, his first taste of cycling was a junior on the track. But Paul he calls himself a cyclist, having raced road, track and mtbs. Writing his engineering thesis at The University of New South Wales is sadly taking away his riding time.

Tell Paul what you think of his stories and shots [email protected]

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