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Interview: US Postal’s Michael Barry

We first met US Postal’s Michael Barry last November, after he’d recoverd from a Vuelta-ending crash that served mostly to toughen his resolve to finish his first Grand Tour. His 2003 season is off to a great start, having grabbed a second place during a stage of the Tour of Algarve. We tapped in to Michael’s Spring campaign over coffee and email…

RP – Judging from your second place in Algarve – your form must be pretty good
right now. How did you spend the winter and what have you been doing for
training till now?

MB – I have actually had a pretty mellow off season. I was on my bike daily and in the gym every few days but I haven’t really done any intensity. I managed to stay fairly healthy through the winter and this had helped immensely. I am really content at the moment as well. I had a great winter with Dede, the team ambience is really good and I am having fun training and racing.

RP – Tell us about your Spring program – will you be riding of the Classics,and what will your role be?

MB – I will be doing several stage races and no Classics in the early part of the year. Next up will be Murcia, then Catalana, then back to America for Sea Otter and Georgia. It is a good program that allows me to train sufficiently between the races and build up progressively. In most of the races I compete in I will be working for one of the leaders. I would imagine that in the US races I will be expected to achieve results myself as well.

RP – What are your specific goals for the year – will you ride any of the Grand Tours, will we see you in Hamilton?

MB – I would love to race in Hamilton. It is a definite goal although there is a lot of racing between now and then. So we’ll see. As for the Grand Tours I do hope to do one. I was disappointed to not finish the Vuelta last year and need to get one under my belt soon. Philly and Lancaster are two races where I would like to perform well. I also think I can do well in some of the smaller European stage races. Georgia looks like a good one as well.

RP – Where are you based right now, and which riders are there with you?

MB – Our home base is in Boulder CO. Dede is still there at the moment finishing up school and I am living in Spain. Dede and I have an apartment over here. Several riders on the team live near by so there is always a good group to train with or to sip coffees with in the afternoons. Dede will be coming over and living here with me as much as possible once she is finished with school. She will be doing a few races over here as well, so it should work out nicely.

RP – Describe the mood of the team as you are about to begin the Spring campaign.

MB – The vibe on the team is really good. Last night we were flying home from Algarve and it felt like we were a bunch of kids traveling to summer camp. Everybody gets along, laughs a lot and loves what they’re doing.

RP – Is the team targeting any of the Classics in particular for victory, and who is on form right now to win?

MB – George is obviously going to give Roubaix a good run again as it is a race he, and they whole world, knows he can win. I think we have a good team for most of the classics. From Milan-San Remo to Roubaix to Amstel. Max is a great addition and Eki is back and is as strong as ever.

RP – Thanks for talking with us again, and we’ll look for you on the podium!

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