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Magnus Maximus: A Piece Of My Mind

Our man Magnus Backstedt isn’t at the Tour right now, but he sure has something to say about it, and it’s a refreshing voice to be heard. Mr. Backstedt weighs in on his own feelings about the continuing dope scandals that are destroying our sport.

I just have one question I want to ask at this point in time ” WHAT THE F*****K ARE SOME OF THESE BOYS THINKING?” I have had it with the likes of our recent winner of the I’m Stupid award! The thing that I’m most upset with is that they are not only playing with their own careers, but with mine as well. In that they are playing with the future of my family and most of all my children. Now when that happens I get very angry.

The fact is that the sport is hurting and I thought that everyone had understood that it can’t go on like this or we will all be out of a job. Apparently I was wrong in thinking we had put the drug problems behind us. I also thought that this document that we all have had to sign saying that you will pay a years salary if you got caught would make a difference. Now to most people taking the risk of having to pay a years salary is a pretty daunting thing, no matter how much you earn. But this doesn’t seem to have put some riders off.

There is one positive thing with all the bad stuff that has come out. THE TESTS WORK!!!! Now anyone who doubted that before should rethink at this point and get in line. Just work hard instead of thinking that having someone else’s blood in you will make you go faster. Disgusting!

When things like this happen I get so frustrated because I spend every waking minute thinking of how I can train more efficiently, if there is anything that I can do with my diet, is there some way I can improve my position or if there is any part of my other material I can improve to get myself to perform better. Then you get this and realise that some riders are still not playing the game by the rules.

When I found out that Vino had tested positive for blood transfusion I can say that if I had been anywhere near him I would have planted one straight in his face and he would probably have needed more stitches there than he got in his knees.

That’s how angry I got!!

Enough about that!

There are some positive news as well though (thankfully).

For instance I have finally got my new website up and running and with a web shop on it so there is no longer a reason not do drink the Magnus Maximus coffee and help out young cyclists. As most of you know I am fully committed to helping out young talented riders and with a sport that costs a lot, I am putting all the proceedings from the coffee sales in to some young riders. So help me out here to help young talents get a helping hand to get a training camp or a racing trip over to Belgium paid for. The more coffee that is sold the more riders I can help. Peter Mitchell from our team has just been selected for the World Junior Track Championships in Mexico. Good luck Pete.! Here is the link to the Webshop.

What I have been up to!

I have been trying to train as much as possible, but it hasn’t been easy due to all the rain that we have had here in the UK. Now I generally don’t mind so much if I get wet (I’m waterproof as I normally say), but when there is 5cm or more of water on the road, I don’t like it and especially when it keeps raining for more than 5 days in a row.

Apart from getting myself wet I have done a fair bit of work for Eurosport in their studio on the pre and post stage show. This is wicked fun and I hope that I can continue to do stuff like this when I got the odd day off the bike and also when I decide to buy a couple of hooks to hang my bike on for good.

Keep the faith.



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