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Magnus Maximus: Back From The Barr

It’s time to check back in with Maggy Backstedt. After sorting out some nagging winter injuries, his return to top form is again delayed by a bout with Epstein Barr virus, but things are looking up…

I just thought to myself that I can’t even remember when I wrote something to you last. So it’s about time I checked in.

It has been another roller coaster since then. It started with getting back into racing again at Catalunya and I was feeling really good leaving for that one. In the opening TTT I was just cruising around on some pretty big watts. So I thought “ great, I’m well prepared for this now let’s crack on with the mountains” – unfortunately things didn’t quite work out that way. Already on the first road stage I was feeling a bit strange and my heart rate didn’t go up as it should. Then on the second road stage I just couldn’t move. I was flat out sprinting up a mountain and I got my heart rate up to 150, now that is a level which I normally can ride at for days. This meant I couldn’t stay with the group even on semi hilly terrain.

Maggy pulls off after a hard turn at the front of Sunday’s Eindhoven TTT. Liquigas scored 5th place behind repeat winners CSC.

I decided to pack up and get on with finding out what was wrong, because there was clearly something that wasn’t working. I found out that I have an Epstein Barr virus laying around in my body and that was reactivating itself. This meant that I was possibly going to struggle to get up to any kind of fitness in less than a month’s time. Luckily though I have my guru physio and general hokus pokus guy in London, Matthew Rabin who took me in again and sorted me out. I was knocked out cold for 3 days. I basically slept for 18 hours a day.

Then I woke up and felt ok.

This did however mean that I only got 2 proper rides in before I went out to Dauphine. Now that is not a race you want to do on the back of 2 weeks on the couch. I ended up in all kinds of hurt already on the first stage and I was wondering how I was going to be able to finish this race. Lucky for me I went better and better day by day. In the end I got to the finish of the last day in a pretty good state.

Now I’m out in Holland for the Pro Tour TTT and I have had a very good week leading in to it so I’m looking forward to that one.

Then I’m off to Sweden for the nationals, I’m really looking forward to that. I think the course up there really could suit me. I haven’t had the national champs jersey so it’s about time I got to wear the blue and yellow cross for a year.

In writing moment I’m still waiting to hear about the Tour, I still have no idea if the team will bring me to the Tour this year or not, it would be a shame to miss out on the start in London. But the ball is as usual in the sport director’s court. So all I can do is wait. I’m not good at waiting though, I want to know now so I can get my head into Tour mode. If I don’t ride the Tour I have a few things I want to try out, but I’ll let you know what that is at a later date.

As for my usual goodies I found this funny clip on Youtube that I think is worth a look, I just feel sorry for the guy.

Catch you soon


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