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Magnus Maximus: Back To Strength

Hi everyone, I have been very busy since I wrote last. I have been training so hard it’s almost been scary, but at the same time good. I felt like I was starting to go really well, then last week I backed off a bit and went out to Belgium to have a couple of runs on the cobbles. Martin and I stayed with the American Cycling Center guys in Hertsberge for 4 days.

Maggy logging the hurt in snowbound Belgium – on the left is Team Bigla pro Veronica Andreasson.

I must say that I was a bit nervous as we went down to test out the
stones. I rode onto the Forest of Arenberg very slowly expecting the
worst, but in no time I was going flat out and feeling nothing. I then
rode a few more sections in the nice wet weather that northern France
was giving us that day. To be honest I didn’t mind the slightest little
bit, I was too happy not having any reaction to my shoulder.

Looking fast: Maggy’s been rocking at the Vuelta a Castilla y Lyon in Spain this week…

Last Thursday we drove back to the UK, had a quick physio session
with my new physio Matthew Rabin. I then spent the night in London
before flying down to Italy to catch up with the team for a couple of
days before I flew down to Spain for The Castilla y Leon where I am now.

I have just finished the first proper race of the season and I did think
I was going well on training, but not that well. I ended up 6th in the
10km long prologue. Not bad riding around on base condition, I can’t
really speak about any form yet as I normally gather that after a few
races. It did however give me a big boost of confidence for the future.
It’s still 20 days to Roubaix and I’m going well. It can only get better
(fingers crossed).

After two good placings in the prologue and stage 1, Maggy did a big turn in the wind yesterday to put Tricky Beltran (was 4th) up there and then
cruised to the finish. His words were ‘A Good day on the bike!’.

I did have a think about my goodie bag for this month but I can’t really
come up with any super cool stuff to show you. Instead I think I should
tell you that my tip of the month is:

Get a trainer like Steve
A PR manager like Martin
A Physio Like Matt
And a wife and mates who look after you well, that is all better than
any stuff money can buy.

Catch you soon



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