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Oscar Sevilla: Mini-Interview

A chilly November day in Switzerland is perhaps the last place you’d expect to see a tanned, and always smiling Spanish climbing star like Oscar Sevilla. But there he was, and happy to talk to us about next year with his new Team Phonak…

In this Pez-Clusive report, Francis Kelsey of Inside Track Tours met with Oscar and other Team Phonak riders at the recent training camp in Switzerland.

FK: Are you happy with your new “Swiss” environment coming from the contrast of Spain?

OS: Yes, I am very happy because it is a big change for me and I think it will be beneficial for me to have a new team and teammates, whether they are Spanish, Swiss, Italian, French, American I find everyone is happy to be together and it makes me happier as well.

FK: What language will everyone speak on such a cosmopolitan team?

OS: I speak a little French and will learn to speak English and Tyler will learn to speak a little more Spanish. It won’t be a problem.

Based on the success of the first Phonak training camp, we’ll expect a few more of these waves from Oscar in 2004.

FK: Have you defined your program for 2004 and what are your goals?

OS: I will ride more or less the same races as Tyler and will ride the Tour to help Tyler. After, at the Vuelta I hope to be the sole team leader and have support for my home country’s race.

FK: We will be able to see you a little more often outside of Spain, notable here in Switzerland next year?

OS: I don’t know exactly how much but, surely a little more. It depends on the races I will ride of course but I will also be staying with some friends here in Lugano quite often for training. Where I live it is quite flat and very difficult to train properly, so I will certainly be spending more time in Switzerland on my bike!

FK: Having made a big change in teams and probably philosophy, has that made you start training any differently?

OS: Yes, a lot. The mentality, the way things work, they way people are organized. I want to see how things are done differently. I have only been with Spanish teams and I believe that if you want to progress you need to make some changes along the way otherwise things become a routine and you don’t know any different…

FK: What would be the souvenir that will stay with you when you leave this first training camp?

OS: Many souvenirs, good ones, the walk through the mountains, spinning, pictures with Tyler and Oscar (Camenzind), the new team mates, the new staff, the “international” flavor of things here at Phonak not just the cycling side of things but the human side of things.

Muchas gracias Oscar all the best for ’04!

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