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Fast Freddy Rodriquez talked to PEZ just before the start of yesterday’s 16th edition of the Trenton, NJ race and second leg of the Wachovia Cycling Series – and then he WON the RACE! Let that be a lesson to all pros! Here’s what he had to say:

Pez: What do you think of PEZ?
FR: It’s a good website. It’s a website that provides a lot of information. Pez provides a glimpse up close of what we do. Everything from training to the racing and life stories from the athletes.

Pez: So you beat Petacchi and joined an elite club. How did you do it?
FR: Basically I knew I had it in me since doing the Vuelta last year. Somewhere around the half way point I should have beat him but I got caught between him and the barriers and couldn’t come around him. After that I knew I had the speed to come around him. It’s just that his team has been so strong I’ve had a hard time being a player at the end without having to waste energy and that makes a big difference. The day that I won it was one of my days where I was able to save a little more energy than in the normal crazy finales and that made 100 times the difference and I was able to pull it off. I know that I have it to beat him again; it’s just getting the right circumstances.

Pez: How is your coffee empire coming along?
FR: My agency is working on it right now. Hopefully by this summer will be launched. If not somebody is going to get their butt kicked.

Pez: Will you get back to us with info when it’s launched?
FR: Yea, and basically look for all your local retail shops; especially bike shops as the main place where we want to launch it. Coffee is something that is a part of me. It’s my hobby. It’s my culture. I’ve always been a fan of it and to make it part of cycling adds benefit to me. I’m proud of it. **(Pez note: Freddy was full of energy but especially when he talked about his coffee.)

Pez: What happened with Farm-Frites that your contract wasn’t renewed?
FR: When Domo-Farm Frites split and went to Lotto they basically wanted a Belgian Team. They kept Robbie McEwen on the Lotto side because of how well he was doing that year so it kind of put me out of that loop.

Pez: How did you end up with Aqua & Sapone?
FR: Aqua & Saone was a last minute deal that came about after Worlds when I was looking at teams like CSC, Saunier Duval, teams with really good offers and this is the team that offered me the best way to have control over the outcome in the big races with final sprints where they could offer the most support and that was what I was looking at.

Pez: Do you still have your apartment in Gerona or are you in Italy now?
FR: I still keep my apartment in Gerona. It’s basically my home. That’s where I feel at home when I’m in Europe. It’s where 99% of the Americans are based there so it feels real nice environment for all of us.

Speed Round:
Pez: Christian Aguilera or Podium Girls/Daily Distractions on Pez
FR: Definitely Podium Girls

Pez: Lance or Jan?
FR: Lance is going to win.

Pez: Ice Cream or Italian Gelato

Pez: Philly soft pretzel or Italian Pastry (Note: I gave Freddy a soft Pretzel at a recent press conference when he wasn’t feeling so good.)
FR: I love Philly soft pretzels.

Thank for talking with us Fred, and good lucj this wekend!

Check out Fred’s website: www.FREDRODRIGUEZ.com/

And the CQuad Cycling Tean website:

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