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PEZ-Clusive Interview: David Zabriskie

When we last left Dave Zabriskie, it was after the cycling world had watched him experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows at the 2005 Tour de France. From Yellow to the tarmac, and eventually being forced to withdraw from injury, Dave has undoubtedly had one heck of a summer.

PEZ caught up to him in Park City via email to confirm the stories of him being hurt again, just how the heck did he go down in the Team Time Trial, and what’s next for the wily Utah native.

PEZ: It’s been a crazy summer… where’s Dave Zabriskie now? Whatcha doin’?

Dave: I am at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah getting some altitude training in.

PEZ: Congrats on your stunning performance in the Tour de France and winning the first Yellow Jersey. A complete and total honor, no doubt! Did you even sleep that first night?

Dave: Thank you and yeah, it was an honor. I was confident that I could fall asleep that night – no problems – but when I laid down, my head started to spin and I couldn’t sleep as good as I thought I could.

PEZ: The TTT, CSC and Discovery neck and neck on the clock, your whole squad is all kinds of tired, then that final straight. I was probably not alone in America’s heartland when I saw you wreck. I slammed down my coffee and yelled “Noooooooooo!” Can you possibly tell us what exactly happened to cause that crash? The video of the incident doesn’t offer up much evidence.

Dave: As I was skidding on the pavement I was also saying “noooo….” I talked to some people who were standing right there where the crash happened and they said there was a seam in the road, but honestly I still have no idea how or why the crash happened.

PEZ: The scene of you finally crossing the line in front of the flotilla, battered, bloody and tight lipped was perhaps one of the most stunning images in recent Tour history. This isn’t a question, this is a statement: you were a deserving Yellow Jersey, and poised in the face of great adversity. We at PEZ salute you and your team.

Dave: Thank you!

PEZ: Now, what’s all this noise about you crashing again? Dave? Do we need to assign a PEZ monitor to you? Is Randi giving you hell?

Dave: I know you may have heard some things, but it was not a bicycle crash this time. After finishing a dangerous and slippery criterium in Denmark unscathed, I tried to leave the hotel restaurant when a double swinging glass door shattered on my hand severing a nerve and tendon. Somebody had just walked out before me and with much momentum the glass door swung back in my face; I put my hand out to stop it. We think there also must have been a crack in the glass causing it to shatter. I then had to be rushed to the hospital for surgery. Randi was there when it happened and was nothing but heavenly bliss.

Zabriskie put himself in good company after the 05 TdF Prologue.

PEZ: What’s in your CD player these days? Did you pick up any super-odd French techno crap while at the Tour?

Dave: I’ve been listening to Tom Waits lately. And no I didn’t pick up on any of that French techno crap, but got hooked on Sheryl Crow. Lance is a lucky man.

PEZ: Done any rollerblading recently? Do you wear a cape when you do? A cape would really seal that deal.

Dave: No, not recently. I’ve never tried it with a cape, but that’s a good idea – although it might slow things down a little.

Zabriskie in Stars and Stripes at the Giro.

PEZ: Besides anything from me (ahem), what was the stupidest question you got during the media blitz while in Yellow?

Dave: “What are the chances of you holding the Yellow Jersey until Paris?”

PEZ: Thanks a lot for answering these man, I (we) appreciate it. All the best for the end of the season, and high hopes for you to win the World’s TT. I hope you realize what you’ve done to boost US cycling, that was some amazing shit there in France.

Dave: Take care, peace.

Expect to see a lot more of this from Zabriskie in the coming months and years.

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