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PHIL LIGGETT Gets Pez’d: The Video Interview

I recorded my first Phil Liggett interview, with the world’s most well-known road cycling commentator, on a roadside near St. Gervais Mt. Blanc at the 1990 Tour de France (see that video at the end of this one), long before I joined the world of cycling-reportage. Since then I’ve interviewed Phil several times, met him a few times, and been on a couple rides too. But this was our first time meeting on skype and we talked about an unscripted host of topics like:

– Phil’s favorite era of modern cycling
– Sharing a room with Paul Sherwen
– the 2018 Tour de France
– Advice for Tour newbies
– Podium girls

As gracious an interviewee as they come, Phil patiently suffered my mechanical & technical fumbling to get this one recorded.

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