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Quickie: 5 Minutes With Michael Barry

Things are HOT in Langkawi as racers battle scorching temps near 100 with humidity to match. Currently 6th overall at 1’:44”, we nabbed the big Canadian from Team Discovery for quick how-do …

– Reported by Gerald Lee –
Always the gentleman, Michael takes a few pictures with fans that surround the car after each stage even though he is melting! I truly believe the toughest part of the race in Malaysia is just after the riders finish. On the bike their bodies can be cooled but off the bike the mechanism to move the heat is reduced and they can quickly overheat. They pay a lot of attention to hydration in Malaysia.

PEZ: How’s the race?
MB: “HOT!” (the race saw temperatures in the 90’s with 95% humidity)

PEZ: When did you know you where doing the TDL as Avezedo was originally on the start list?
MB: “At the team camp they let me know.”

PEZ: What’s next on your schedule?
MB: “From Malaysia I’m going Spain then to Belgium.”

PEZ: Big change from Malaysia to Belgium?
MB: “Huge difference! I’ve been training in the snow in Colorado so Belgium is not bad.”

PEZ: So what else is going on?
MB: “Dee Dee is pregnant! Four months pregnant!” (Smiles of an expectant Dad abound. He is really excited and they both will make a great parents. We wish Dee Dee and Michael the very best!)

This is Michael’s 3rd TDL and he looks to be in great shape (as always) as he placed 5th in the Stage 4 TT.

He is targeting the Giro this year and hopes to do another Grand Tour as well.

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