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San Remo Preview: PEZ Talks With Chris Horner

VIDEO: I talk with Pro-cycling legend, Vuelta winner, and inimitable race analyst Chris Horner about Milan-San Remo – what makes this race cool, how to race it and who he thinks will win this weekend’s la Primavera. It’s a colorful chat and I guarantee you’ll learn something new about how racing unfolds inside the pro peloton.

Click Play to watch – or listen – to my Milan-San Remo preview chat with Chris Horner:

When we started covering Milan San Remo over 20 years ago, I began dreaming of the day I’d actually get there myself to witness the spectacle of La Primavera explode on the slopes of the Poggio, and ride the climbs along the Ligurian coast myself.  It took me about 10 years to finally get there, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

Anticipating this year’s race, I reached out to la Vuelta winner and popular Youtube race analyst Chris Horner, to share some stories and insights from his own racing days, and his keen ability to tell us what’s really going on inside the race, ahead of this weekend’s action.


00:00 Introduction and Background
01:21 Early Season Racing – Why it’s so Hot 
03:17 – What Was it like when Chris was racing?
Changes in Racing Mentality
4:36 – San Remo 2024 – Race Strategy for 300km

6:20 – Transition from Winter to Spring – Plains to Coast
8:07 – The 1st 50km Along the Coast – Racing Heats Up
9:28 – Three types of rider with 3 different plans
10:51 – 250km In – The finale is coming – How do you stay fresh?
14:42 – Go Time on the Cipressa & Poggio Climbs
19:29 – Rider Picks & Race Favorites
23:42 – Chris Calls Out Matej Mohorič & The Moto
26:40 – Wrap Up and Final Comments

# Keep it dialed to PEZ for more San Remo previews as we look back at what makes this race cool, and look forward to the action this Saturday.  Al will have a full race report plus all the big photos as the Monuments season kicks off and lands on the Ligurian coast.


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