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Slipstream’s Dave Zabriskie Gets PEZ’d!

Along with a number of other high profile signings over the off-season, Dave Zabriskie made the eyebrow raising move from the best team in the world, CSC, to the upstart but ever so promising Slipstream presented by Chipotle squad. Ed Hood caught up with Dave Z to find out a little more.

PEZ: The 2007 season, a good one for you? If so, why?
DZ: It was not my best season ever as far as results but I improved on a few things that I think will help me in the coming years. Defending the national TT was important to me, so I was happy with that.

PEZ: When is it time to move-on from a team?
DZ: I had no reason to leave CSC — everything was perfect there. However, the Slipstream opportunity came up and I really got excited to do something new.

PEZ: What will you miss about CSC?
DZ: I will miss everybody there from Bjarne to the bus driver. They are a great group of people who really enjoy what they do and that brings out the best in everybody.

PEZ: What won’t you miss?
DZ: Christian — oops…

Zabriskie has been at it at the top level for a looong while.

PEZ: What’s the best thing about being back on a US squad?
DZ: I’d have to say spending a little more time in America and trying to pass down things I’ve learned over the years to younger American cyclists.

PEZ: How does the Slipstream training camp compare to the CSC camp?
DZ: We are doing our camp at altitude so we have to have the right balance of rest with the training so the blocks aren’t quite as long. Everyone seems really fit – you can tell everyone is serious and ready to go.

PEZ: First impressions on the Felts, especially the time trial bikes?
DZ: Once you get your position dialed, they are nice bikes. I haven’t ridden the TT bike that much yet.
They are trying to make a custom stem so I can get as low as before…. I know they test really fast in the tunnel.

PEZ: Argyle – the Davie Zee view please?
DZ: What was that? I wasn’t listening….

PEZ: What’s your programme for 2008?
Tour of Bahamas, Tour of California, Redlands, Criterium International, Circuit de la Sarthe, Tour de Georgia, Giro…

PEZ: What are the squad’s main goals for 2008?
DZ:To grow together as a strong team and get an invite to the TDF.

PEZ: And your own goals for 2008?
DZ: Improve on my cage fighting skills – those guys are making mad money.

PEZ: Who will be the main targets on the squad for Davie Zee humour?
DZ: Probably everyone at one time or another.

PEZ: How does a specialist time triallist, like you manage to hone their skills among all the racing and endurance training?
DZ: I’d say, at this point, TTing is all about attitude.

PEZ: Give our readers a couple of tips about time trialling, please.
DZ: Go as fast as you can, faster than that.

Most satisfying…and vomitous ride.

PEZ: What was the ride that gave you most satisfaction in your career so far?
DZ: I’d say the Vuelta stage win in 2004. I went so deep all day long I was puking on myself. But, I was happy when it all worked out.

PEZ: What was the biggest disappointment of your career so far?
DZ: I don’t know why but I was really sad about not winning the last TT in the Giro last year, but now I’m over it.

PEZ: A final word, on Jonathan Vaughters sideburns.
DZ: It worked for Elvis.

A Wild Card bid to Le Tour and a Yellow Jersey would be magical for Slipstream in 2008.

• See Dave online at DaveZabriskie.com

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