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Worlds 04: Diane Emery’s Race Diary

Last week we met Dianne Emery of South Africa – ready, willing and able to contest the Elite Women’s Road Race. Then on Saturday – disaster struck at precisely the worst possible time. Dianne checks in with what went wrong…

Ohh no… not AGAIN! Don’t worry I am not talking about another crash in the race but rather another crash in my system. The reason I say another is because the very same thing happened to me two years ago at the Junior Worlds in Zolder. I am in tip top condition, but then I arrive at the race and BAM, nothing!! I just cannot explain the feeling. My legs are heavy, muscles feel swollen and just putting any power into the pedals is hard.

So unfortunately that ended my race very early, in fact that had to be the shortest race that I had ever done. I lined up at the start, the gun blasted and off we went – over the cobbles, onto the climb, down the climb and into the box.

It was ridiculous! My legs were just so bad that I could not even go over the first climb in the bunch. I had lost a lot of time already that there was just no point in continuing.

The rest of the race was spent sitting in the box watching how lap after lap riders would abandon and how just to make matters worse the camera man would run after each one and give live footage of what I am sure is one of the worst moments in the year for each of them.

Fortunately time heals. I could not use the race to judge my current level. But instead I have found a weakness that I posses, and that is dealing with race pressure.

Next year is another year, and another Worlds, so I will keep pedaling until then and hopefully will have more experience and understanding of these race pressures.

Keep your pedals turning too and enjoy!

Yours in cycling

So there you have it – even top level athletes can have bad days. We suspect Dianne will be back in a big way – she’s already proven she can make it to the Worlds …

Check out Diane’s Website at www.DianneEmery.com

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