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About PEZCyclingNews.com

“What’s cool in road cycling” defines our content and means as much now, as it did when I started PEZ in 2002. PezCyclingNews.com is a group of internationally-based road cycling fans dedicated to publishing original, credible, and entertaining articles, photos, features and reviews centered around the sport of elite level professional cycling.

What Makes Us Different
We’re different because our goal has always been to deliver a daily alternative to the institutional cycling press, where cycling fans like us could connect, share, and enjoy the road cycling lifestyle no matter where you might be. Our real names are on all our work because in my books, making a good first impression starts with a proper introduction, and how else could we expect you to believe anything we write, let alone come back for another visit.

Our personalities, perspectives, credibility, and wide story format & big pictures set us apart from other cycling sites, blogs and social feeds to give PEZ a voice that is at once unique and distinct, but also familiar to cycling fans around the world.

We invite you to read and stay up to date everyday on everything on and off the bike and on and off the race routes: pro cycling’s culture, history, travel, training, and gear. Hopefully we’ll never lose our sense of humor, because… let’s face it, pro cycling was designed for entertainment value just as the Tour de France was started to sell more newspapers.

How PEZ Started
I started PEZ because there wasn’t a website reporting the thrills, spills, & chills of pro bike racing like I wanted to see it. The reportage of the day didn’t show the excitement or emotion I felt being at the Tour, Giro (or any other bike race for that matter) so I thought it would be cool to start a website that took readers along for the ride.

Unemployed, with no budget, no content, and few contacts in cycling, I was encouraged by a good pal (and yes – alcohol was involved) to push my half baked idea out of the hangar and see if it would fly.

So I started PEZ as the place where cycling fans like me could live the life vicariously through the wonders of the “world wide web”. After a stumbling first 6 months that actually saw a meagre readership decline during the 2002 Tour de France, we were fortuitously granted credentials to the Vuelta A Espana, where Alastair Hamilton’s top assignment as our first reporter at a Grand Tour was to “take pictures of the podium girls” so I could launch the once famous Daily Distractions gallery. He also had to pay his own expenses, but he took the assignment and we went from almost none to 5000 readers in a month. Hope was sparked.

From the beginning we’ve always been about quality content, and while I’ve never lost sight of the reality that cycle sport itself exists purely as entertainment, I’ve always felt that PEZ should be a rewarding place to connect with riders and fans like yourself – even if only for a few minutes a day or week.

Our consistent quality of work has earned the credibility and respect from the sport, the industry, and readers, that allows access inside the barriers. As you can imagine this takes being a fan to a whole new level.

Personally, I’ve really come to value the talents, camaraderie and friendships that have come from this site attracting writers, photographers, contributors, and readers from all over the world. In the past 18 years we’ve seen a lot change in cycling, and in our own lives. Many of us have started families and become parents, we’ve seen the sport go through turmoil none of us could have imagined 18 years ago, and we’ve said sad goodbyes to some of cycling’s greatest heros, and the industry’s best people.

But even in this time of micro-second attention spans, we still believe in telling a bigger story, providing context, meaning and reference to our readers, as we chronicle the evolution of road cycling.

For those of you who’ve been here for this part of the journey – thank you – for those of you who’ve just joined us, thank you as well.

We’ll be here to see where this thing takes us …and hope you are too.

Richard Pestes
[email protected]

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