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Joseba Beloki Wins Clбsica Alcobendas

After yesterday’s sprinters stage, to-day was going to have a very different result. A 63 kilometres road stage with summit finish in the morning and a flat time trial in the afternoon.

Stage 2a:

From the start of this morning’s stage it was all together until the base of the summit finish on the Alto de Navacerrada. It was mostly ibanesto.com and Paternina doing the damage. A group of Piepoli and Menchov, both ibanesto.com, Garrido (Paternina) and Kintana (Labarca 2) jumped away in the last kilometres, then piepoli got rid of Menchov and Kintana. Garrido took the stage and piepoli the leaders jersey. All the main contenders were at 20 seconds.

Stage 2a Result:

1st. J.Garrido (PAT) 1:35:46.
2nd. L.Piepoli (BAN) same time.
3rd. D.Menchov (BAN) at :07 secs.
4th. A.Kintana (La2) at :20 secs.
5th. J.Carlos Dominguez (PHO) at :20 secs.

Stage 2b:

A pan flat time trial (9.7 kms.) was not going to suit Leonardo Piepoli, and with Botero, Beloki, Hruska and Dominguez on the start-line he was’nt going to wear the leaders jersey for long. Early leader Jan Hruska (ONCE) held onto his advantage until Santiago Botero, a fat looking world time trial champ, took 10 seconds out of him. Next it was his team mate Joseba Beloki who went to the top of the leader board (to stay). Dominguez (Phonak) got close and pushed Hruska down to fourth.

Last man off, Leonardo Piepoli, did not look fast, never in the saddle for long, his small, light body frame not made for this kind of test, he tried his best to finish 32nd. in 12 minutes 17 seconds.

Stage 2b Result:

1st. J.Beloki (ONCE) 11:23.
2nd. S.Botero (TEL) at :03 secs.
3rd. J.Carlos Dominguez (PHO) at :06 secs.
4th. J.Hruska (ONCE) at :13 secs.
5th. P.Diaz Lobato (PAT) at :22 secs.

Final Overall:

1st. J.Beloki (ONCE) 5:01:33.
2nd. J.Carlos Dominguez (PHO) at :06 secs.
3rd. S.Botero (TEL) at :09 secs.
4th. J.Garrido (PAT) at :12 secs.
5th. P.Diaz Lobato (PAT) at :22 secs.
6th. D.Menchov (BAN) at :27 secs.

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