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Another Comeback? Give VbD A Chance

That being said* – it’s also been reported that VdB suffers from depression – and I know from experience how debilitating this illness can be. VdB has had a tough go, he’s made more than his share of mistakes, and surely squandered more talent than most of us will ever have.

* Please see “VDB: Another Comeback”

We’re merely observers to what happens on pro cycling’s stage, and as such are not inside the heads of riders or events that surround or lead to the decisions these riders make. Condemning a rider’s actions without understanding the events that led to those actions is a slippery slope.

At the end of the day, I believe, many of these riders (probably most of them) are pretty regular guys – much like us – wanting to be successful in life, enjoy the company of good friends and family, and trying to get enjoy being alive while fighting their own version of the “daily grind”. How they do it is their choice, and may not meet with the approval of the masses, and in many cases can lead to a negative impact on the sport we love so much.

All riders have made comments we may not agree with – anyone remember what Lance was like in the early days? Exactly. Everyone is different, bringing their own personalities and influence to the sport. This is precisely what makes the sport so great – we’ve got characters, drama, speed, danger, exotic locations and beauty – all presented for our distraction and enjoyment.

I don’t agree with some of the choices some riders have made, but like it or hate it, that’s part of our sport. There will always be controversy in cycling – doping or not – it’s inherent to competition. We’re not the policemen of the world – we’re just observers.

I for one am rooting for VdB. I’d like nothing better than to see him get it together and win some races. He’s a great personality, can be a great rider, and I wish him the best of luck.

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