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Another Day, Another Doper

So a mystery rider has spoken out… The thoughts have been repeated countless times and they always ring the same. We all wax poetic about the “modern day” state of cycling, when doping itself is older than the sport it infects. There is nothing new to wonder. No new stories to tell, but rather the same old stories with new faces. And there is no question whatsoever about whether the sport is totally clean and whether the punishment is enough to deter it. In either case, it simply is not.

We find Designer drugs, so specific in purpose that a Laboratory no longer feels the need to bring a medication to market, as there is massive profit in designing a steroid specifically for cheaters (as in the latest case with THG). Riders are getting caught using drugs not yet approved for human consumption, and we no longer need to wonder if Drug companies profit from helping athletes cheat. These things are obvious.

Perhaps the best example of the state of dope controls is to be found when it was recently reported that the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) was lacking the funds to carry out all its intended tests for this year, while drug companies spend more than 100 times WADA’s annual budget creating new drugs.

Now we have this mystery boy in Italy (as a man doesn’t wear a veil) stating that 90% of the peloton is doping. I don’t know what’s worse, the dopers or the pathetic assholes that slink forward (either in masks or once their careers are gone and they have nothing left to lose) to point the finger at the sport that did or does pay their way. They do nothing, NOT A THING to either reduce or eliminate doping in sport. If you want to point fingers do it without a mask and talk about the people you have seen. Otherwise shut the hell up.

The UCI have the ability to fix the problem by making rules tough enough so that people don’t cheat, and by holding teams accountable. Team doctors see the blood counts and power output, LT and V02 Max (and the large fluctuations that occur when someone dopes) of their riders year round. The rules allow teams to cast off riders (and in some cases, hire them right back) at the first sign of dope, but suffer no penalty as a team other than to lose that rider. So what is the better incentive for a Team Doctor, clean or performing well? I am not saying that team doctors dope riders. I am asking why they can’t see the big changes that take place in body chemistry and I am asking why Dope controls catch riders when their teams should always have the first clue. When was the last time a Team Doctor found a rider unfit to race? It’s time we all got a clue and forced the team to stand by its riders rather than hiding behind the rule books.

There are clean riders and dirty. For me the tests say who is who. I have no time for some squealing little pig that sneaks in the house, spreading dirt everywhere after wallowing in the mud, only to shout about how dirty the others in his pen are…

Another day another Doper…

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