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Piepoli & Petacchi Make It Three In Vuelta Aragуn

As predicted Alassandro Petacchi (Fassa Bortolo) took to-day’s final stage of the Vuelta Aragуn, that makes it 3 stages. Leonardo Piepoli (ibanesto.com) won the overall prize, to put himself in history as the only rider to have won the race three times.

To-day on the last stage, ibanesto.com kept an eye on every-one, Jan Ullrich (Coast) managed to escape early, he did’nt start. Xavier Tondo (Paternina) went on his own after 29 kilometres, gaining a maximum lead of 4 minutes 54 seconds, and he did’nt get caught until 5 kilometres from the finish line in Zaragoza. 100 riders contested the sprint, Alassandro Petacchi (Fassa bortolo) was again the easy winner.

The only thing that changed was Juan Carlos Dominguez (Phonak) moved up a little higher on general classment, due to a time bonus. Ivan Quaranta (Saeco) is coming into form, finishing last at 1 hour 11 minutes and 30 seconds in 104th. place, should go well in the Giro then!!

Next race in Spain is the 3 day Vuelta La Rioja, starting on the 25th. April, a 2.3 UCI event.

Stage 5 Result:

1st. A.Petacchi (FAS) 3:42:54.
2nd. D.Fernandez (Relax) same time.
3rd. J.Svorada (LAM) same time.
4th. A.Usov (PHO) same time.
5th. A.Edo (MIL) same time.
6th. L.Brochard (AG2R) same time.

Final Overall:

1st. L.Piepoli (BAN) 20:02:03.
2nd. G.Simoni (SAE) at 24 secs.
3rd. M.Beltran (COA) at 26 secs.
4th. J.Jufre (Relax) at 34 secs.
5th. C.Garcia Quesada (KEL)at 48 secs.
6th. J.C.Dominguez (PHO) at 54 secs.
7th. F.Jeker (MIL) at 55 secs.
8th. V.Karpets (BAN) at 56 secs.
9th. F.Mancebo (BAN) at 57 secs.
10th. J.Ferrio (Paternina) at 58 secs.

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