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Armstrong Comments On Ferrari

Prior to Sanremo, Italian television reported Lance Armstrong made several comments regarding the doping questions surrounding Dr. Ferrari and Sr. Simeoni. This translation is provided by Michele Tomasi.

“The problem with Simeoni is that he changed his story several times. When a person changes their version of the story so many times, we need to know if it’s all reliable. Also Bortolami changed his version, but not so often as Simeoni. The judges found in his diary everything about his doping, since 1992. It was all written down. 1993-1994-1995-1996 and before 1996 he never met doctor Ferrari.
He said that Ferrari gave him doping, but why did he change his version so many times?

And when he finished with Ferrari, in the diary it was written that he continued to use doping on his own. Everybody knows what Simeoni said, but sincerely I said that Michele (Ferrari) is innocent, and I don’t know why Simeoni says so. He can say anything, he has the right to say what he thinks, but there is the proof, as the diary, and that are against him. I know Michele, and I don’t understand why everybody is against him. The fact is that, the media, the magazines, the Tv, all pursue cycling. They didn’t attack only him, but also cycling. I understand that we must fight the doping, but there isn’t only cycling. There are also others sport as the soccer, american football, tennis.
But why only the cycling?”

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