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ASK Lance: Send Us A Question!

The TDF media lockdown around Lance is tighter this year than Pamela Lee’s t-shirt – he’s serious about this race and needs no distractions. Luckily for PEZ-Fans – we’ve been assured of getting at least one question to Lance. That’s where you come in…

A Hard Day’s Night
Understandably, Lance attracts more media attention through the year than most riders combined. But at le Tour- it’s even worse. The world’s newspapers, television, and internet reporters are all concentrated in one place chasing the poor guy for even the tiniest of sound bites, and often with early Beatles music playing in the background…

While lesser known riders are actually reachable by cell-phone at their hotels, or agreeable to in-person sit-downs after team meals, the actual media access to Lance is very controlled, with media conferences often being invite-only, and those one-on-one’s virtually unobtainable.

But hey – just like you fine readers of PezCycling – Lance digs a daily dose of “What’s Cool In Pro Cycling” so we’ve been granted access to submit one Pez-Clusive question for Lance to answer over the coming days.

What Do You Ask A Guy like Lance?
That’s for us to decide – but we want you help! So send us your questions for Lance – !

We’ll choose one and get it to the man sometime before the end of the race – and publish the answer here on PezCycling.

Please follow these short rules when submitting:
1. Make it good (our name’s on this thing too)!
2. Stupid questions will be rejected.
3. Keep it short and to the point – we’re not trying to confuse or bore our editors (or Lance).

Submit questions to:
[email protected]

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