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Vuelta Asturias: Stage For Valdes, Team-Mate Torrent Takes Overall Lead

Ricardo Valdes of Paternina-Costa De Almeria made all the action to-day with a lone break, on a fairly hard day of 153 kilometres from Gijon to Aviles, most riders were thinking of tomorrow’s very hard stage of 182 kilometres with three BIG climbs, all over 1,000 metres.

Valdes was in 84th. position overall and was 6 minutes and 6 seconds down, so was not much a danger. At one point he had 8 minutes 45 seconds and the bunch seemed uninterested, only Kodol Gil (ONCE) tried to cross to him.

Eventually ibanesto.com, Relax, Euskaltel and Milanesa started to chase. By 5 kilometres to go he had 3 minutes 47 seconds and it looked like the pro of 4 years was on for his bigest (& first) win of his career.

Alexander Moos (Phonak) and Juan Fuentes (Saeco) had 100 metres on the bunch as they entered Aviles, Moos was the dangerman in 2nd. overall, so they were soon chased down by Relax. Next to try was Toni Tauler (Kelme) who was joined by Jan Hruska (ONCE) in the last 2 kilometres, but it was all heads down for the sprint for second place behind Valdes, Carlos Torrent took second and moved into first overall.

Tomorrow’s big stage starts at the Cafes Toscaf factory and finishes 182 kilometres later on the summit finish of Santuario Del Acebo (1,172 metres), before then they have to climb the Pozo de las Mujeres Muertas (1,098 metres) and the Pto. del Connio (1,315 metres). So a bit of climbing then?

Stage 3 Result:

1st. R.Valdes (PAT) 4:33:45.
2nd. C.Torrent (PAT) at 1 minute 26 seconds.
3rd. A.Edo (MIL) same time.
4th. G.Fagnini (TEL) same time.
5th. J.Gutierrйz (KEL) same time.
6th. M.De Sarraga (Elite Spain) same time.

Overall After 3rd. Stage:

1st. C.Torrent (PAT) 12:04:08.
2nd. J.Maestre (Relax) same time.
3rd. A.Edo (MIL) at :02 secs.
4th. A.Moos (PHO) at:03 secs.
5th. J.Arrieta (BAN) at :08 secs.
6th. I.Nozal (ONCE) same time.

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