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Fabian Jeker Wins Stage 4, And Takes The Lead In The Vuelta Asturias

On a hilly stage from Cafes Toscaf to San. Del Acebo, Fabian Jeker (Milaneza) took the race by the throat, and ripped it apart, Santi Botero (Telekom) also looked very strong.

Four riders, Jeker (Milaneza), David Arroyo (ONCE), Hernan Buenahora (05 Orbitel) and Juan Mercado (ibanesto.com) were in front of 19 others, on the climb of the summit finish, lead by Roberto Laiseka (Euskaltel) and Santi Botero (Telekom) watched by Leonardo Piepoli (ibanesto.com).

With 4 kilometres to the top Jeker put the hammer down, first to go off was Arroyo, then Buenahora, and last to crack was Mercado. Behind Botero left the group to chase after Jeker, but it was to late, Jeker took the stage and the overall.

Interviewed after the stage, Fabian Jeker said: he and his team (Milaneza) are very happy with this season, but he is a bit worried about Piepoli and Botero.

Tomorrow’s last stage is a bit lumpy on it’s 164 kilometres from Cangas Del Nacea to Oviedo. Milaneza should hold it all together, but you never know!

Stage 4 Result:

1st. F.Jeker (MIL) 4:41:45.
2nd. J.Mercado (BAN) at 23 secs.
3rd. H.Buenahora (05OR) at 35 secs.
4th. S.Botero (TEL) at 1:15.
5th. D.Arroyo (ONCE) at 1.23.
6th. P.Andrade (LAP) at 1:24.

Overall After Stage 4:

1st. F.Jeker (MIL) 16:45:43.
2nd. J.Mercado (BAN) at :27 secs.
3rd. H.Buenahora (05 O) at :40 secs.
4th. S.Botero (TEL) at 1:25.
5th. D.Arroyo (ONCE) at 1:33.
6th. P.Andrade (LAP) at 1:34.

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