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Bang for the Buck, FSA Carbon Long Term Test

One of the best “ oooooh / ahhhhh” factor upgrades available if you are building a frame up from scratch is a slick set of Carbon Cranks. And of the cranks available today, you would be hard pressed to find anything that out performs FSA’s Team Issue set. That said, the fact that they run a few hundred Bucks cheaper than some, and @ half the price of others is just a bonus… (If you are buying a new rig of $2,000 or more from someone who doesn’t let you swap the parts and sizes from you group, go some place else!)

We have a few thousand miles into these and they have come off without a hitch, burr, crack, fade or flex for that matter. They were the only company putting out cranks readily available in all sizes when we built up a few High Dollar Rocket ships, and when we did the spec’ing, were almost a let down because we couldn’t get a set of 170 Campy or Pinarello (which look so similar we can’t tell em apart from FSA’s…). Turns out that all we did was save700 bucks on the two sets we got….

They are stiff. Simple as that. And they remained stiff through out testing. That coupled with the fact that they weigh in lighter that Dura-ace or Record standard cranks and are (what I feel) close enough in price to go ahead and buy, make them a sensible upgrade as well. The finish is nice and will stay that way with a quick application of 3M Clear protector tape (same stuff as the clear auto Bra guys use).

The design is slick and for 2003 gets slicker and lighter (hopefully not at the cost of performance or durability). The arms have a nice little bulge to ‘em and there is a slight trench in the back that is perfect for popping in a cadence magnate.

The metal inserts for your pedal axel to screw into are sturdy and very well finished.

FSA has gone about quietly putting together a hell of a line of parts for bikes and are just begging to get as popular as some of the gear from Deda, 3T and the like. The only problem is they don’t charge enough for some of you folks out there and they don’t have that Old Euro image that comes along with the cost… We hope to have more to run past you here in a while, and will give you the scoop on some sweet bars, stems and other bobbles to tempt you…

Click the pic to get more info at the FSA website: www.fullspeedahead.com

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