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Tune in this February 13th at 830PM EST (530PM PST) as we look ahead to the 2011 Euro season with Richard Pestes (PezCycling News), and Chris Fontecchio (Podium Cafe), plus meet Eddy O’Rourke who’s Flandria Cafй blog is “old-school, euro-centric, opinionated”. It’s gonna be a great show!

This month the European road season kicked off with the traditional Mediterranean warm weather races. The Tour Down under has just finished and the desert races in Qatar and Oman are under way. Setting the scene for the impending season, our two BTR experts – Richard Pestes (Pez Sez) and Chris Fontecchio (Podium Cafe 5)- talk about what is hot and what is not.

On this show we also introduce Eddy O’Rourke who bills himself as “old-school, euro-centric, opinionated, and as hard-hitting Boston-Irish as a Dropkick Murphy’s soundtrack”. His blog ‘Flandria Cafe’ is crammed with amazing articles covering just about everything related to our great sport of cycle racing.

Listeners are encouraged to call in at any time during the show with any training related questions. As always we will include three cycling trivia questions for your enjoyment.

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– Sunday, Jan. 16 at 5:30 PST, 8:30 EST –

The Bike Talk Radio Show is like old time media (remember before the internet?), except now you can tune in on the web, anywhere in the world, and hear a bunch guys jawing about our favorite sport. You can even join in yourself. What could be better?

The live show is hosted by JIM STRAIT and GRAHAM JONES, starts at 8:30PM EST and lasts for one hour.

Topics cover every aspect of cycling from advocacy to professional racing. The live discussions frequently feature guests including politicians, race organizers, equipment manufacturers, training experts and personalities from the pro cycling scene.

The Best Part!
Listeners are invited to join the shows with questions or opinions at any time during each show.

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•• at 5:30 PST, 8:30 EST –

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