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ibanesto.com Take Control Of The Vuelta A Castilla Y Leуn In Team Time Trial

ibanesto.com blew the other teams out of the water in the 22.5 kilometre team time trial, to-day, in the second stage of the 18th. Vuelta a Castlla y Leуn.

Brioches La Boulangere were early leaders, infront of Kelme and AG2r, for Kelme Oscar Savilla was not going so well and his return to competition was still troubling his knee. Credit Agricole looked strong, but not fast.

ONCE were as usual the well trained group and going for it, a puncture for Jonathan Gonzбlez did’nt slow them, they just did’nt wait and left him in there wake. They were the leaders at half-way, at 10.3 kilometres in a time of 10 minutes 54 seconds, 16 seconds infront of Phonak.

At the finish ONCE had only five men, an average speed of 52.768 kph put them top, in a time of 25.31. Phonak, Paternina, Euskaltel and ibanesto were still out on the course.

Phonak also finished with 5 men, but pushed ONCE down, with a time of 25.24. ibanesto.com were last team off, Denis Menchov had a broken tri-bar but this did’nt stop them finishing a full team. They took 27 seconds out of Phonak and moved Russian Vladimir Karpets into the lead overall.

Tomorrow’s stage is from Lerma to Almazan, 164.8 kilometres with three 3rd. cat climbs, but not too hard.

Stage 2 Result:

1st. ibanesto.com 24 minutes 57 seconds.
2nd. Phonak at 27 secs.
3rd. Euskaltel at 34 secs.
4th. ONCE at 37 secs.
5th. Paternina at 47 secs.
6th. Brioches La Boulangere at 51 secs.

Overall Result After Stage 2:

1st. V.Karpets (BAN) 4:11:54.
2nd. J.Pascual (BAN) same time.
3rd. F.Mancebo (BAN) same time.
4th. D.Menchov (BAN) same time.
5th. E.Petrov (BAN) same time.
6th. P.Lastras (BAN) same time.

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