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Cipo Calls Tour “A Dictatorship”

– Reported by Datasport.it –
At the front of the line for those who Cipollini doesn’t care for is certainly the organizers of the Tour de France, but in close second are the journalists. And the Lion King has said so for the umpteenth time during a
press conference after his victory of the 15th stage of the Giro d’Italia, like it happened just so that he could speak his mind, about both categories.

La Grande Boucle has been defined by the racer from Acqua&Sapone like a “business of cycling”, but then Super Mario laid heavier accusations. “At the Giro, one can speak with the organizers. At the Tour de France there is a dictatorship. I’ve accepted it until now, with my experience I will accept it no more”.

After having attacked the Tour, Cipollini fired off his thoughts to the journalists who had asked him if his fourth victory of the Giro was the result of the abandonment of riders like Quaranta and McEwen. “It could seem like that to those who don’t understand cycling – responded the racer, acidly – I’m a little angered to be criticized by those who are allowed to judge me solely because they have a microphone and a pen in hand. Do the victories of Schumacher (ed. – the F1 race car driver) seem easy like mine?”.

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