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Cipollini Returns

– Reported by Datasport.it –

Mario Cipollini has rethought it and has decided to return to the saddle. After his much publicised decision to leave the sport, the Tuscan has confirmed the rumours that have surrounded him and has announced that he will be on the roads of the Vuelta and the Worlds: “I will continue to race – said SuperMario – It’s a decision that is exclusively mine, just as my decision to stop had been only been mine. The Worlds? It’s something that is in front of me that I say that I can win”.

In an open letter to his fans, Cipollini explained his motives for this change of ideas: “In the last two months I’ve thought often that I would never again place a number on my back. I was nauseated by a series of open questions that don’t even warrant a mention here. I spoke my final word and I truly didn’t think that I would return to my sport”. Something, however, has made him decide to return: “The affection of the fans, the friendliness of my team, the messages I’ve recieved, there are other factors too, that unite with my passion for this sport, that have made me reflect much until, entering the garage, I voluntarily took my bicycle instead of the car; it’s not enough to say that it left me overwhelmed”.

And now he returns to racing: “In as much as there is the Vuelta where I would like to win some stages and then there is the Worlds on a course that is finally adapted to me. Since I was a little kid I’ve dreamed of being able to wear the rainbow jersey. And after that there is the record of stage wins at the Giro d’Italia and some hope for the Tour de France…”.

But the champion of Acqua & Sapone doesn’t forget his squad: “The team, my teammates, and all of the staff have been very important for the achievement of my successes, leaving now I couldn’t repay them for what they have done. All of these motives, not the shoving that is coming from behind, have conviced me to reconsider my decision taken on July 9th, the bike and I feel that we can agree for a little more time. There are finish lines to add and it’s right to attempt to add them because I prefer to have redemption more than remorses. And now, after many words, I would like to say only the facts”.

The passionate Italians are giving a huge sigh of relief: SuperMario is ready to bewitch again.

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