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Climbing the Koppenberg – Ouch!

Now, from the comfort of your very own office chair – read our PCN exclusive first-hand account of what it’s like to ride the Koppenberg!

Hi there cyclingfans,

Just back from Flanders. This was definitely the real thing…pity it didn’t rain though 😉

Hearing your stories (editor’s note: – from those of us who don’t live near enough to the “action”.), I feel so lucky to live only a 2 hour drive away from this Promised Land… together with 15,000 idiots who did the cyclo
on Saturday. I did the 145 km version, which skips just the first 120 boring kilometers and brings you right to the first of all 16 climbs.

I read in a Belgian newspaper that one has not matured as a rider if you have never done the Koppenberg. So I did it twice, on Friday and
Saturday! Damn those bricks! But seriously, the Koppenberg has been renovated beautifully. It’s just a bit narrow and steep, so if you’re well-trained the 18% in the middle can be done unless some fat-bellied
bozo before you decides to give it all up and drop himself in front of you. The same goes for the Muur van Geraardsbergen and especially the Paterberg, which I personally consider to be the worst of them all. This
could be true, because the overall average of Paterberg is the highest with 12% and there’s a terrible piece of 22%.

Till next time…

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