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Comment: Rumsas Mother-In-Law Training For The Tour?

– Charles Manantan –
The story of Tour Podium man Raimondas Rumsas’ mother in law requiring a few medications that were being delivered by his racing cyclist wife (before she was so rudely detained by the Police) got a little more clear today. Or did it.

With 37 products found and most having shown up in cycling in the recent past, must we still assume innocense for Edita Rumsas because that’s the American way (as long as you are American that is…). I would love to think so and will still shelve judgement on Raimondas (as I have had a few “special” women in my past that would not have been beyond selling a little pick me up to friends). But what should we believe? Heck, the whole of the Festina team, on one of the most extensive regulated drug programs ever discovered, tested clean at the 98 tour, so the fact that Raimondas tested clean really doesn’t have the snap that it should. It also struck me as odd that on the eve of her husbands greatest triumph in making the podium at the Tour, that his wife would be high tailing it back over the border. It strikes me as even more strange that her mother would need the collection of drugs seized, unless she was trying to recover from, well, riding the Tour…

A sample of the drugs found with Mrs’ Rumsas read like a who’s who of Cyclist support drugs; Actovegin (the same drug used by a “member of the staff” at US postal and with reported blood doping use), Enough caffein (some in ampule form) to threaten business at a half dozen Starbucks for a month, Growth Hormon (because she is just too dang small?) and boosting agents, Insulin, a vasodialator, Teststerone, Corticoids and a few types of Hormonal extracts.

Raimondas maintaining that all were for his Mother in law (although he may have changed his mind once the list came public) reminds me of VDB’S explanation that his dog needed similar drugs (VDB’s list included Steroids, EPO and Morphine). And why exactly did Mrs. Rumsas need to come all that way in order to acquire the drugs? There are Pharmacies in Lithuania I believe, and you don’t need to cross several borders to bring them to a mother in law that, should she genuinely have needed all that medication, should not have been left in the first place. And one last thought. Is his mother in law dead now. I sure hope not, but unless someone close by has administered all these drugs since the arrest, she must be pretty bad off.

I say that if the medications were all for Raimondas’ mother in law, that the police watch as Edita Rumsas (under the guidance of what ever Doctor gave her the orders to acquire the meds) pumps every bit this stuff into her own mother, and if she lives through the week they let Edita go.

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