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Once again those familiar sounds of disbelief and “INCREDIBLE!” were the first things I heard upon informing Peter Phillips of Colborne, Ontario that he’d just won a CompuTrainer from the trainer-kings at RacerMate. The roads are already getting sketchy out east, so the timing couldn’t be better…

I love playing Santa, and it’s never too early to give the gift that gives you back what you put into it – the CompuTrainer is best indoor resistance trainer I’ve seen.

“It’s a phenomenal piece of equipment” said Peter, who’s boss already owns a CompuTrainer.

Peter is a 41 year old triathlete with no kids and a very understanding wife who let him log 18,000km last year training for Ironman. He’s recently taken up mtb endurance racing so the CompuTrainer is an even better reason to stay home than an eastern blizzard. His wife could not be reached for comment, but we’re pretty sure she’s pleased to know she’ll be seeing more of her man this winter and hearing more of him too because the CompuTrainer is so quiet, chatting to your sweetie as you work out is no problem!

Congrats again to Peter, and thanks to everyone who entered the contest!

Find out just how good this thing is:
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Check out the Computrainer and Velotron at their website: www.Computrainer.com

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