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After minor delays with times zones and a weekend, we’re happy to congratulate Demo Romanucci of Latham, NY – the winner of a CompuTrainer & ERGVideo training videos. There’s no better way to get stronger through those cold winter training months than riding your bike in the comfort of your own home.

Besides hoping to win the coolest prizes offered by any cycling site in November, Demo fessed up he also needed a boost to his winter training plans to get back into shape and find some form for the local hills.

Demo is the classic PEZ-Fan – clocking in at a freshly turned 46 years, and a guy who rediscovered the joy of riding through no small influence by his 10 year old son, whose contribution includes challenging dad to a skid contest through recently fallen leaves.

And as any self respecting dad already knows, rediscovering the childhood thrill of riding a bike is even sweeter when you can back it up with the legs to kick your buddies’ butts on the Saturday ride.

The lucky winner gets a CompuTrainer Pro 3D Model, with coaching software & ERGVIDEO training videos – a $1,799.00 value – thanks to everyone for entering!

The COMPUTRAINER PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT GUARANTEE will increase your speed by 2 mph over 5 months. A 20 Week CompuTrainer Training Program developed by UK Coach Simon Ward is included to help you meet and exceed this goal. See full details on the CompuTrainer website.
See full details on the CompuTrainer website.

• The winner also receives ERGVIDEO’S 6 Europe Video series PLUS the threshold Test (read the Story Here). This $250.00 Value adds some super-cool realistic outdoor racing and training to the CompuTrainer, and takes you on amazing rides through southern France, including many famous climbs from le Tour.

Congrats again, and thanks to everyone who entered!

Find out just how good this thing is:
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• ERGVIDEO Training DVDs: PEZ-Review Here.

Check out the Computrainer and Velotron at their website: www.COMPUTRAINER.com

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