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Cool CULTURE: One On One Bike Shop

We started PezCycling News in early 2002 with a pure Euro-road racing focus, but as we’ve grown, so has Reader demand for more access to what’s cool about our sport. Chances are none of us would even be riding without the support of our local shop, so here’s a look at one place that makes riding in Minneapolis that much cooler…

Anyone that knows the midwest US knows that most of the cities here are bike friendly. After careful revision, one could easily make a case for Minneapolis being the most friendly of them all. Steeped in bike culture, the bigger of the Twins affords its cyclists numerous paths right in the center of downtown streets as well as endless river lined paths, and plentiful places to lock and secure your bike. And of course, cool bike shops and the people who frequent them.

Chief among the shops of cool has to be a neat little gem nestled in the heart of the Warehouse District called the One on One Bike Studio, which has recently incorporated in its front room the Go! Coffee Shop. Run by the stalwart Gene Oberpriller and his wife Jen, this shop is a safe haven, an enclave if you will, for the cities diverse cycling cultures. Messengers, city cruisers, roadie geeks (myself included), single speeders, all the way down to the plain old recreational bike path rider can find what they’re looking for at this shop.

Grab a coffee and chill while you’re steed gets tuned.

Started in 2001 as a way for the Oberprillers to follow their true passions, cycling, art (the shop often hosts evening art shows) and coffee, the One on One Studio/Go! Coffee Shop offers sales, service, shoes, Spy sunglasses, Chrome Bags, and a limited selection of clothing. Carrying a limited number of brands (Surly, Maverick, Bianchi, and Spot) allows any type of rider a bike that fits. From Bianchi’s speediest rocket, to Surly’s toughest city bike, Gene and Jen, both former pros (MTB and Road for Gene, MTB for Jen) and icons in the Minneapolis scene, can hook your ass up.

Back alley access – always a cool feature.

The shop itself has a dingy yet cozy dock that riders can approach right in the back alley, which is also a cool place to hang out, or test your new ride. Long and narrow, the inside offers wood floors and artwork among the bikes, a veritable smorgasbord of cool and unique cycles including one covered in fur! An old Bianchi motorcycle also graces the show floor.

Employing a small yet extremely talented group of folks, including the interplanetary wheel building guru Reed, and the sometimes seen Satanic Mechanic, all needs for all rides can be met.

Not to be missed is the neo-macabre basement, a pure orgy of old bicycles, about 50 yards long and 8 feet high. No kidding. Ask to see it when you’re there.

The rear of the building is now solely the shop, where the whole shebang started. Years back, the fore of the building was an operating massage parlor, perhaps of ill repute. If you know the warehouse district in Minneapolis, you know anything goes. The previous owners of the front of the building shut the business down without being charged for anything, and the Oberprillers usurped the rest of the space to expand their operation.

If you find yourself in the twin cities, don’t waste your time at the idiotic Mall of America, get off the plane or out of your car and go directly to One on One!

What: One on One Bicycle Studio
Where: 117 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis, MN, 55401
Contact: ph: 612-371-9565
Website: www.oneononebike.com

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