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Cool Gear: Selle Italia Women’s Saddles

One of the biggest changes in cycling of late is that way more women are riding. We generally think this is a good thing, and have Selle Italia to thank for doing their part in the development of saddles built just for ladies. Here’s a closer look at 3 models…

One the best known makers of hi-performance bike saddles, the Italian company Selle Italia really expanded it’s women’s offerings as a result of the growing demand for female specific saddle in the USA. They now offer a wide line up women’s saddles, which have also gained much popularity in Europe.

Here’s a closer look at (from left) the FLX Deluxe Gel, the Lady Gel Flow, and the Oktavia Lady Genuine Gel.

As a sponsor of many women’s cycling teams that include H2O, Lloland Falster, and T-Mobile, Selle Italia worked with more than 200 women to create specific products for professional and non-professional riders resulting in a variety of “women” specific saddles which include (but not limited to) Lady, Lady GelFlow Trans Am, Lady Genuine Gel, Oktavia Lady, Oktavia Lady Genuine Gel, FLX Deluxe Gel and the NEW (soon to be available) FLX Lady GelFlow Eleganza and the FLX Lady Trans Am Eleganza.

LADY Gel Flow
The “Lady” saddle model features the Patented “Active Suspension System” and Patented differentiated thickness “Flex Control” padding in the various contact zones making this saddle extremely comfortable. The tubular Manganese rail construction makes it lighter and flexes to help absorb bumps.

The Lady saddle has a slightly wider shape with a specific groove in the center to reduce “soft tissue” pressure. The Lady Genuine Gel saddle adds genuine gel inserts that are distributed over the entire seating area to protect the more sensitive areas by absorbing impact and vibrations, resulting in a more comfortable ride, and who’s to argue?

The Lady GelFlow Trans Am saddle has the extra feature of the anatomical oval split-cutout in the most delicate contact zone to reduce pressure that causes discomfort for women cyclists. The Lady GelFlow saddle is available in Black, Red, Blue, Yellow or White leather. Suggested retail: Lady Gel $89.99; Lady GelFlow $94.99

FLX Deluxe Gel
The FLX “Lady” models are arguably one of the most interesting saddles produced in the last several years. They use a patented elastomer system that makes the FLX saddle more flexible and comfortable without increasing its weight. Concentric circles located at the three main points of support produce the dampening effect of a spring. The FLX design features a special shape for women and is available with gel inserts as FLX Deluxe Gel that positions gel in the soft tissue areas and the NEW FLX Lady GelFlow Eleganza with gel and the oval split-cutout.

Suggested retail: FLX Lady Deluxe Gel (manganese rails) $45.00
The Eleganza models available June 2004 – GelFlow apx. $49.99 & TransAm apx. $44.99

Oktavia Lady and Oktavia Lady Genuine – Elastomer technology developed by Selle Italia has led to the development of the Oktavia and its “winged” suspension. The rear “wing” suspension system is designed to offer more comfort at a modest price. The elastomer laminated to the nylon base cushions the rider and reduces road vibrations. Along with “flex control” padding and the addition of Gel, the low profile, Oktavia saddle is popular with women cyclists for its styling and comfort. All models with Tubular Manganese rails and leather cover. Suggested retail: Oktavia Lady Gel $74.99

I’m hoping that with the arrival of these saddles, Mrs. Pez will soon join me for a ride. As for the road test, there’s little we can offer in terms of how different riders will interpret the comfort of each design, so you’re best to make tat trip to your local shop and as Potsie would say… “sit on it.”

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